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Sew Along with ALD Quick Sews: Scrunchies

Hi everyone! This week we are doing quick sews instead of one longer one! Each member of the mod team chose a fun quick pattern for y'all! Join us on our Facebook page to play along and win!

I did the Ellie and Mac hair scrunchie (freebie on their website), and the Winter Wear Designs All Tied Up Scrunchie (free with the code from their Facebook group). Please use whichever scrunchie pattern you love! If you're like me and have an over flowing scrap box and can never find a hair tie, these scrunchies are for you! It's a quick sew and a fantastic scrap buster! To make a scrunchie you will need

  • A cutting tool: I love my self healing mat and rotary cutter but I also love my scissors

  • A scrap or 7 of fabric: These can be made with woven or knit so dive deep into your scrap box!

  • Elastic: I know this is a hot commodity right now, but ALD has some in stock under notions!

  • A sewing machine


Lets get started! If you prefer a video, you can join me at 7pm CST on the Amelia Lane Facebook page, while I live sew both of the scrunchies above! First, we will cut our fabric and elastic

Next we will sew our pieces right sides together, and turn right sides out.

After that, we will install our elastic. I like to use a safety pin to thread my elastic. Then sew your ends together, and finish off your scrunchie.

I hope y'all enjoy making scrunchies as much as I do! Join the rest of the moderator team for the rest of the weeks quick sews.

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