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Sew Along with ALD Self Care Series: Petite Stitchery Sensory Body Sock


Thanks for joining us on Day 4 of our Self Care Sew Alongs! Today's pattern is so quick and easy, plus it's a ton of fun. The Petite Stitchery Holiday Hideaway Sensory Sock is also a great tool that can be used similarly to a portable weighted blanket to provide a tactile "hug" and create a safe space to release emotions or get away from things for a moment. My son is someone who needs that constant feeling and finds it difficult to concentrate unless he has on a hood or hat or is wrapped in a blanket. The Sensory Sock is a great option for him to keep focused while working on schoolwork, reading, or just playing a video game. I think you'll find this pattern as awesome as we do!!

Fabric choice for this make is EXTREMELY important. Ideally you're looking for a fabric that has great stretch and recovery, but is also breathable and soft. For this sock, I used Orange Pop Tactel. The Tactel fabric is very soft and stretchy, but it also breaths well and doesn't feel slick. Many other athletic fabrics or even swim fabrics would work, too! Don't forget that the entire Athletics Collection is still on sale thru January 31, 2021!

First, you'll need to download the free pattern. This pattern does include letter, A4, and a projector file, along with clearly marked layers. Optionally, you can use the included cut chart and simply cut your pieces using a ruler or cutting mat. I was so excited to use my projector and not have to put together a pattern, but I found that my cutting area was too small to actually accommodate the size of the rectangle that I needed to cut.

I needed to cut my fabric on a double fold to get the larger pieces to fit on my mat. In case you've never used a double fold, it's great for cutting large rectangles on smaller surfaces. I needed a pattern piece that was 53" x 25". I folded the width first, getting myself 12.5" on the fold, then came back to the length, folding my 12.5" piece in the center to get 26.5" on the fold. Then I simply cut the piece to 12.5" x 26.5" and when I unfolded, I had the full size piece I was looking for!

Once you get your pieces cut using whatever method you prefer, you'll have a total of 5 pieces.

Start by taking your bands and attach them to the upper front and lower front pieces.

Next, take the upper front piece and attach to the back along the shorter edge. Repeat with the lower front piece.

The assembly was so easy, my guy even instisted on helping sew!

Finally you just need to finish the sides. Make sure the UPPER front piece band is under the LOWER front piece band. This keeps your overlap neat. I found that simply lining up the band's seams one on top of the other made the sides come out just right.

Once you sew the side seams and turn the sock right side out, you're all done!! I suggest using something like Fray Check or Super Glue on all the corners, since they are going to get plenty of stress, but that's completely optional.


We did it!!! I can't wait to see what everyone chooses to make their Sensory Socks! Don't forget to check in with us on Facebook and grab the discount code for Sew Along fabrics in the event! Thank you for joining our #SALWithALD!

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