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Sew Along with ALD Quick Sew Edition: Faux Knot Headband

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Quick Sew Edition of #SALwithALD. The Mod Squad at Amelia Lane Designs each selected a quick sew pattern to feature each day, with lots of cool prizes to win along the way. Join us in the Facebook Group to play along and enter to win!

For today's quick sew, I picked the Faux Knot Headband from I'll Show You Mine. This is my go-to headband - I love how it stays put, has a cute knot detail or can be worn with the wide side out, and is super fast to make. The knot helps save some intricate tube-turning and means you don't need to topstitch at the end!

All you need to sew up one of these headbands is:

  • fabric cutting tools - I use a rotary mat, hard ruler and rotary cutter

  • a quarter yard of knit fabric - jersey moss and lightweight ABP are my favorites, but anything with good stretch and recovery (and not too much compression!) will work well

  • sewing machine or serger - I usually use both, but you can easily do the entire thing using a stretch stitch on a sewing machine or just using a serger

Let's get started! I made a video to show a few of the trickier steps, which go very quickly the more you make.

My headband from the video:

Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you'll check back in to see what the rest of the team has in store! I'll drop the rest of the schedule below. Tuesday: Jan Allison with the Rad Lucky Undies Wednesday: Sarah Kaprelian with Winter Wear and Ellie and Mac scrunchies Thursday: Shakita Cook with Happy Hippos Embrace Cloth Pad Friday: Laura Frost with 5 out of 4 Candy Yoga Pants Saturday: Brittanie Naranjo with Brindille & Twig Ringer Tee

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