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Sew Along with ALD - Made by Runi Limitless Imagination

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Our October sew along is the Limitless Imagination hoodie - sponsored by Made by Runi and just in time for the Halloween season!

Limitless Imagination comes in 3 size ranges, and it includes features to make a dragon, cat, bunny, bear, bat, or some other fun combinations. I'll be sewing up a few dragons in kid's sizes, but there are 2 adult size ranges as well. Kids pattern: Straight cut adult pattern: Fitted over shoulders adult pattern:

I'll be updating this post daily with the information for the "daily task" so you can follow along at any point, but if you want to play to win, you'll have to pop over to the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group. The Facebook Event is where you'll need to head to get any discount codes for the sew along - you'll have to be a member of the group to see this!


Day 1: Pattern assembly/projector set up and pick fabric

Day 2: Cut fabric

Day 3: Front and features

Day 4: Back and hood (including ear and spike options)

Day 5: Sleeves and side seams (including optional wings)

Day 6: Attach cuffs and hood

Day 7: Catch up and share! #SALwithALD



Day 1 is all about pattern prep.

First, you'll need to determine your pattern size. I have a post with all of the size charts in the event right HERE:

I'll be using the kid's pattern - I decided to go by chest size and then size up a little bit as it's already getting cold here in New England so we'll have the kids layer under a bit.

Make sure you use LAYERS and the print layout on page 3 of the kid's tutorial to find all the features you need - there's a dress and regular bodice option, so you'll only need one of those to get started. The dress is on pages 1,2,6,7,11,12,16,17 and the regular bodice is 2,3,7,8,12,13- you might need fewer pages for a smaller size.

As you assemble the pattern, you'll want to line up the triangles to form a diamond. I set up where I can see through the paper a bit, so didn't bother trimming my pages to save a little time!

Before you cut your pattern out, you'll also need to add a seam allowance. I went with a quarter inch on each seam. I was able to eyeball it pretty accurately, but you can also use a highlighter and trace around (hold it the wide way!) to add on SA.

For things like the neckline and pockets, I like to cut along most of the curved lines and then fold the extra piece out of the way when I get to cutting fabric.

Projector friends - there is no A0 or projector file just yet, but I was able to cobble together my son's size using Inkscape and deleting away other layers. I'm hoping to give it a try later today and can report back on how that one turned out. That's it for today!


Welcome to day 2 of the Limitless Imagination sew along! Today we will be cutting out our fabric. This is a great time to double-check that you’ve added a seam allowance to your pattern pieces, as Limitless Imagination does NOT include one!

I like to add a notch on the sleeve pieces to help remember the back and front - I tend to just do a single notch (as an outward triangle) on the back sleeve and the back armscye, but it’s very common to do a single notch on the fronts and a double notch on the backs.

If you are adding the spikes down the center back, make sure you also cut the back pieces as two mirror and add a seam allowance on the center back seam (ask me how I know - I think I’ve cut it on the fold every time!).

For our preschoolers, I like to do 3 large spikes, 3 medium spikes and 3 small spikes. You will likely need more spikes if you’re sewing for an adult or older child - it’s worth placing the pattern pieces for the spikes along your hood and back to count out how many you think you will want.

You’ll also want to make sure you cut out a mirror image for each feature - so you’ll need two sets of two mirrored wings, two sets of two mirrored ears, etc. Interfacing for the ears and spikes is optional - I’ve tried it both ways using DBP and like the results of both! I typically only interface one side of each spike if I use it. I would not interface the wings - I think that would get pretty uncomfortable when you put your arms down.

If you’re including pockets, this is a great time to check out how to measure and cut the fabric for your pocket bindings as well. You can find exactly where the directions are in your table of contents - for the kid’s pattern, it’s pages 31-32.


Welcome to day 3 of the Limitless Imagination sew along! Today we are going to prepare the front bodice and also our additional features (spikes, ears, wings, etc).

If you are adding pockets, you will want to make sure you’ve cut out your binding pieces for the opening. I cut mine at 1.75” wide and used a 1/4” seam allowance, so after attaching the binding I was actually able to fold over twice to enclose my raw edge. The instructions have you fold over once and trim back any excess, which works really well too! Don’t forget to attach your pockets after you finish your binding.

I like to use a bodkin to turn my features right side out, to help poke out the corners and curves the best I can. I also press them REALLY WELL - and this is coming from a lazy presser.

If you’re sewing the wings, make sure you’ve poked out each corner and pressed well before you add the decorative stitching! I like to use my lightning bolt (stretch stitch) along the edge of the wing to help give those more definition. I also use that to sew my lines from each spike corner to the opposite corner of the wing. I like to start with my middle spike and work my way out from there, as it’s easier to eyeball a good path that way. Tailor’s chalk could also be a great option if you want to draw them out before you sew them!


It’s Day 4 of Limitless Imagination, and we’ll be prepping our hoods and back bodices today!

If you’re adding spikes, you’ll want to evenly space your spikes along the center back. I put mine fairly close together - almost touching. Leave some space at the top and bottom for the seam allowance where we will be attaching the hood and the waistband!

You’ll also want to add your features to your hood before sewing the pieces together. You’ll use the ear markings to sew the ears on each side, and if you’re adding spikes will want to evenly space those around the curve of your hood, leaving space at either end for where we attach it to the bodice and the hood pieces together.

You might find it helpful to baste your features in place to check placement before firmly attaching!

You’ll also be sewing your hood lining pieces together along the curve, and then attaching the lining and main hood RST. Keep the spikes out of the way as you sew these pieces together! Press both the back and the hood well after.


It’s Day 5 of the Limitless Imagination sew along, and we’re getting close to completing our fun hoodies! Today’s job is to attach our sleeves and sew the side seams.

First thing we want to do is attach the sleeves RST at the back and front. If you’re not adding wings, you can pin RST down the sleeves and side bodices as well!

If you are adding wings, make sure the side of your wing piece lines up with the side seam - I mark mine with a clip to help keep track. I like to first lay my wings out to make sure the better side is facing forward (one side always looks a little nicer than the other when I topstitch!), THEN I flip the wing in.

You’ll sandwich it between your front and back bodice. I like to start by pinning at the corner of the wing and where the sleeve meets the bodice. Continue to pin down the side and then up the sleeves without stretching the wings out.

When you go to sew down the seams, you can shuffle your fabric a bit to straighten out the corner.

Let’s see those completed bodices! Tomorrow, we’ll be finishing everything up.


It’s Day 6 of the Limitless Imagination sew along, and we are finishing off our hoodies! Prep your cuffs by folding hot-dog style right sides together and sewing along the edge opposite the fold. You’ll fold your waistband right sides together and sew along the short edge, creating a large circle.

Fold both in half wrong sides together and press well!

I like to quarter my neckline, sleeve openings and bottom of the bodice, and also quarter my cuffs & waistband. You’ll need to stretch the cuffs and waistband a bit when you pin and sew them on, but make sure the hood is attached without stretching.

I baste the overlap at the front of the hood in place to make sure nothing shifts too much when I serge.

Press the seams towards the bodice and turn right sides out - you’re done!


I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with for their Limitless Imagination hoodies! If you use ALD fabric, share in our Facebook group and use #SALwithALD.

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