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Sew Along with ALD- Love Notions Sloane Sweater

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Welcome to the Amelia Lane Designs sew along for the Love Notions Sloane Sweater. This cozy top is prefect for the cooler winter months. It comes in an adult size XS-5XL (35.5in-59.5in hip) as well as a child's size 2T-16 (21in-36in hip). My name is Sarah, and I will be leading your sew along this week. There will be daily posts in the group, as well as a blog post for each day with more information. There are a few different options for this pattern, Let's jump in!


Day one: Pattern Prep Today is a pretty light day, we will be prepping our pattern and fabric. You will want to choose your size(s), and select just those layers to print so it's easier to see when you cut out.

If you are printing, and not using a projector, when assembling your pattern, you will want to match up the "raw" edge to the light grey line on the previous paper.

This is how a lot of "no-cut" patterns are assembled as well. You will go ahead today and choose the length option. For this one, I chose to go simple and do no color blocking, and used the neckband piece instead of the hood.. You will also cut out your pattern in preparation for tomorrow. If you haven't pre-washed your fabric, go ahead and do that today as well so you're ready to go for tomorrow! Join me back here tomorrow to cut our fabric!


Day Two: Cutting fabric Today we will cut our fabric for the sloane! Before you cut you'll want to be sure to nail down the options you are using. Such as a pocket, hood or neckband, curved or banded hem. Again, I went simplistic and did a neckband, curved hem and cuffed arms.

The front and back yoke is a fun way to incorporate any smaller pieces of fabric you just can't bring yourself to get rid of (I know I have a whole bucket)! Looking forward, we will working on adding the "options" tomorrow and sewing the shoulder seams. Don't forget to check out the daily post in the group and add your progress photo for a chance to be entered into the end of SAL prize!


Day Three: Options and shoulder seams Welcome to day three of our sew along! Today we are going to all assemble our shoulder seams, but if you chose any options, you will want to get those completed prior to sewing the shoulder seams. If you're doing elbow patches: You will want to mark the location of the patches on each sleeve. Double check you have them mirrored! My favorite tool for marking especially on darker fabrics is chalk. It's inexpensive, and washes out right away in the wash and don't leave any weird marks or residue. After you have your location marked, you will want to stitch the patches previously cut to those. I like to use my cover stitch, but a straight stitch will work just as well! If you're doing a kangaroo pocket: Go ahead and fold over the curved edges and top stitch. Then you will fold down the top and side edges. I'm not usually one to press my items, but these I do, to make sure it's nice and crisp for top stitching. Then when putting the pocket in to place, I like to use some wash away wonder tape to hold it all in place so it doesn't move around when stitching to the front. If you're adding yolks: Adding a front or back yolk is a fun way to add a pop of color or use up those beloved fabric scraps! You'll want to line up the long edges of the yolk right sides together with your main body piece. Stitch and then press (if you'd like). At this point you can also top stitch if you'd like. Continue this process for the yolks (front and back). Now we are ready to sew our shoulder seams! With right sides together, match the shoulders. Then you will sew across. Do this for both shoulders. Now you will be ready for tomorrows step of sleeves and side seams!


Day Four: Sleeves and side seams Welcome to day four of our sew along! Today our shirt will really take shape. We will be adding the sleeves and sewing the side seam.

This pattern features a full sleeve piece (as compared to a cut on the fold sleeve). That means you will want to pay attention to the markings to make sure you attach the front sleeve to the front of the garment. I like to mark my front sleeves with a clip. You will then mark the center of the sleeve. This should go at the shoulder seam you created yesterday. I've sewn many sleeves, and always have a knack for losing my clips so I use as few as possible. The sleeve should ease into place, so feel free to clip along the curve to keep your sleeve in place. Repeat this on both sides so you have sleeves sewn. The final step for today is to complete your side seams. To do this, you will place your front

and back right sides together. You will also place your sleeves right sides together. Then you will sew from wrist all the way down to your hem. As you would with any shirt you make. Repeat on the other side. Come back tomorrow when we complete our top!


Day five: Finishing our top!

Today we will be finishing our top! As stated before, I opted for the neckband, and curved hem. The neckband you will fold right sides together and sew along the small raw edge to create a loop. You will then fold that WRONG sides together, so that seam you just created is on the inside. I like to put a clip right on that seam, and then fold the neckband in half to mark the center front. After you've completed that step, clip your neckband to your shirt matching center front and back. Match the three raw edges and sew that on.

The process will be the same for the sleeve cuffs and the bottom band if you're going that route.

If you are choosing to do a hemmed bottom, you will fold the bottom up 1in all the way around the bottom. Then using a stretch stitch, double needle or your coverstitch you will complete your hem. You now have a completed sloane! This is pattern quickly is becoming my favorite! I cannot wait to see all your creations! Don't forget to check out the group and post your progress on the daily posts!


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