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One pattern, five fabrics, so many looks

Hey all, I've been quiet for awhile but I finally got my UFO pile hemmed and I'm so excited I want to share!

I've been having some health stuff going on and it resulted in me changing sizes and now none of my patterns I have cut out fit. My projector and I aren't friends yet despite how much time Rachel Schwendinger has spent showing me how easy it is! So I'm still printing and gluing together patterns.

Since I don't really know how long this change in measurements is going to stay where it is, I don't want to invest a ton of time with reprinting and cutting new patterns, so I've only done the basics. My cadence tights and dream tee for weekends (remember my 12 days of hacks?) and the Ellie and Mac Slow Sunday Dress (affiliate) for work and other occasions.

This week I finished a bunch of new Slow Sunday dresses and realized it would be a great way to show how different fabrics change the look of a pattern. Kendel did a similar post with the ALD Dream Tee and it's one of my favorite references when I'm deciding what my fabric wants to be!

When I first recognized my need for some new clothes it was the middle of the summer heatwave so I of course reached for my triathlon fabrics. These are athletic/swim and they make the dress look more upscale because of the quality of fabric but it's also super comfortable for the hot weather. I wore the heck out of these two dresses this summer. With cadence shorts under for all my weekend activities and with nylons for work. I got a ton of compliments too about how vibrant the prints are. For elektra it was only a scrap I had left after making a core tee so I used the slim skirt line.

As the weather starts to change I wanted some sweater knits. I added a cowl from the Ellie and Mac Twist it up top to the dress to make it cozy and used Bancroft Sweater knit.

Bonus: My scrap was big enough for a matching straight fit tee.

We aren't spending Thanksgiving together but we can still match!

In the depths of winter (which sure seems to have come on fast!) I'm going to want long sleeves. But the indoor climate at my office job can be confusing so if it's nice outside, it's freezing inside. If it's freezing outside, it’ll be like a sauna inside. Honeycomb works because it's kind of light so I can have the coverage to stay warm without overheating. I flared the sleeve and grabbed the cuff from the Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater to add a little cheer.

I liked it so much I made two. This is denim honeycomb.

and here it is in vintage plum honeycomb.

Rib knit is another of my favorite transition fabrics because it feels cozy but is on the lighter side for that indoor sauna time of winter. It also layers really well so I can keep a waffle knit cardigan in my office for the rare moments they turn off the heat.

Finally once we make the transition to winter I'll want DBP. It's surprisingly warm. My best friend and I discuss this a lot and my body chemistry must be different than hers because she loves DBP leggings and I just cannot. I need beathable athletics for leggings. But DBP for dresses is great because it feels light (okay, maybe I run around a lot at work or something because I always want my work clothes to have freedom of movement - I think I do filing cabinet squat exercises all day or something) but is warm like rib knit. (Don't recognize this fabric? hmmmmmm *wink* maybe you'll want to... doorbust... to get some).

I'll need a couple dresses for fancier occasions this season as well. And so I mixed a couple into my new little wardrobe capsule.

I'm actually saving this dress to wear next month for ALD's birthday! Colleen had this sweater knit back when ALD first started and I HAD to have it. And then have been hoarding it on a shelf ever since. It was time to finally make it. The drape of sweater knit gives such a sweet look to this dress. I didn't have enough (this was from a scrap mystery box) for my normal length of sleeve so I used my leftovers to add a quick gathered ruffle extension.

I saved this one for last because it's oh my goodness so pretty. I used moira lace with red ITY under. Both fabrics are the same width so it was a perfect match. I used the slimmer cut line. I hemmed the red a little shorter than the black but it still get a nice little peek. I'm wearing this dress to go away for my wedding anniversary and then I think I'll add a red belt for holiday parties. I didn't line the sleeves so the lace shows and it really dresses things up.

With one pattern, a couple tiny mash hacks and a bunch of ALD fabrics in my stash I managed to create a whole new wardrobe!

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Love this post! I love seeing the same dress in all of the different fabrics. Helps me rethink certain fabrics. LOL!

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