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Athletic Mini Capsules

Not long ago my husband asked for new athletic clothes and I not only jumped at the opportunity, but decided to make myself a set to “match”! Ok, he actually only asked for one thing… but I just couldn’t stop at a single piece: he rarely asks for specific things and when I asked what he was going to be doing (running before work) I knew he needed more. So I sat down to plan out two mini capsules. I won’t be getting up at 3AM to go running with him, but maybe we can do evening walks after dinner with the kids together.

Disclaimer: some of the links contained in this post are affiliate links. They do not cost you anything extra, but I do get a small portion of each sale to help support my sewing.

What was the “thing” he asked for? Long running shorts with leggings built in: specifically he wanted the Relay Shorts because he saw Kendel’s hack while I was scrolling the Facebook group and he wanted a pair of his own. Because the Relay short are a relaxed fit I knew I could just make the size he measured into and they would fit nicely. I used the Apostrophe Patterns MyFit Leggings for the leggings portion because I had used them in the past for him and we were both very happy with the fit and the optional front gusset is wonderful for those that need it. I used the long length for the Relay shorts, without a pocket and a 5” inseam for the leggings with a wide side panel and high pocket, as well as the waistband from the leggings. For fabrics he picked Hyperion Triathlon Tricot and Black Dri-Tex (this is currently sold out, but hopefully we’ll get more in). I love how these shorts turned out!

The other patterns and fabrics were up to me, but luckily I had a whole stash of ALD fabrics I could lay out to decide from. After the Relay Shorts/MyFit Leggings Mash came the Rad Patterns Couch Potato Joggers (Straight Proportion) in a Shiny Football Tricot I received in an athletics Mystery Bundle a while ago. Keep an eye out in the Bundles Collection: they're always adding new bundles. These are modified to have a single layer slash pocket because the tricot is so thick. I cut these at the crop line, but he wears them low on the hip instead of at the waist as the pattern is drafted for so they end up being a great pants length.

The Rain City Patterns Northlake Tank is a favorite here, we have several that we share so it was an easy decision to add this to the capsule. I cut this one at the hem line, but still banded it. For fabric I used Teal Tencel and it is so soft (secret pjs soft).

Next I tried a new pattern: the Straight Fit Basic Tee from Ellie and Mac. We love EAM patterns, but I have a lot that I’ve never sewed because their weekly sales always get me! This sew helps me with my goal of sewing all the patterns I’ve bought, but never sewed. I used Hyperion again for this top.

I wrapped up his mini capsule with a modified Sinclair Oliver in Black ABP 190GSM. I adjusted the hood pattern to make it a crossover and skipped the button placket. I also lengthened the long sleeve cuffs and made thumbholes (which I may be jealous of because I didn’t for my hoodie). This is the perfect lightweight hoodie and will be great for cooler mornings or layering.

Now that I had his mini-capsule done I could start on mine!

I used the Relay Shorts and Cadence Tights for my shorts. My Relay Shorts are in Vega Triathlon Tricot: I used the short option and added the pocket. My Cadence Tights are in Teaberry DriFit and I used Option B with the pocket. I used the tall shorts waistband and both fabrics: Vega on the outside, lined with Teaberry.

I used the crop length Couch Potato Joggers (Hourglass) for my joggers too, but mine are in Rose Red ABP 265 GSM. I also adjusted the pattern to have a single layer slash pocket instead of the drafted pocket. For both I used a quilting ruler to trim a triangle off the top of the front leg pieces 1” in from the edge of the pocket towards the rise and 3-4” down the side seam. I measured the long edge and cut a band slightly shorter than the new pocket opening.

I also made myself a Northlake Tank, but I added the hood and cut the bodice at the banded cut line and used the band so my tank isn’t as long. I used Vega and Classic Blue Sportivo.

My tee is another owned, but previously un-sewn pattern and I absolutely love it! This is the EAM Oversized Tee in Royal ABP 190GSM and it is so comfy. I cut my top about 2” below the long hemmed crop cut line, but added the crop band. I knew I wanted to band my top, but didn’t want it too long so this was perfect!

I wrapped up my mini capsule in a black hoodie too, also in the Black ABP 190GSM. I used the George and Ginger Teen Spirit for mine. I love the fit of this hoodie and the black will go with so many of my leggings and pants this fall when I need just a little something to take the edge off.

This was such a fun project and we will be wearing them so much, not just for athletic activities.They're too comfortable not to wear all the time! Keep scrolling to see all of the outfits created. I can't wait to add more pieces to it.

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