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Relay shorts: Cadence Mash

I love this pattern collection! Don't you?! Today im going to share with you how to combine the Relay shorts and the Cadence legging to create a duel layer short.

What you will need:

Cadence pattern

Relay shorts pattern

something to measure with

writing tool


tracing paper

Note: I find that when working with a projector tracing the pattern pieces before altering them works best. you are more then welcome to use what ever method works best for you.

I sized up the legs of my Relay shorts 2 sizes I have made them in my size and it worked out just fine I just prefer the look of the wider legs over the Cadence.

Starting with the Relay shorts pattern back piece, (I used the shortest length ) measure along the side seam to the desired length of side cut, I used 5", make a mark here.

Blend the bottom of the short to this mark as smooth as you can. I started at about an inch from the side seam, but you can play around with what works for you.

On the Side panel mark the same measurement on the side that attaches to the back.

Blend from the point that attaches to the front to the mark you just made (again do what works for you.)

Now you can cut the front as drafted, and the new back and side panel piece. Also cut the Cadence in desired length. Both view A and View B will work with this hack. You can choose to use the Cadence or the Relay waistband. ( I prefer the height of the Cadence) wait to cut the binding as we will need to get a new measurement as we changed the hem line of the shorts.

Construction for these shorts will be almost the same as the Relay and Cadence instructions with exception of an extra step with the Binding to get that sharp point at the side. and attaching the waistband.

Sew the Relay shorts until you get to sewing the leg closed and lay it flat on your sewing table.

Measure from one side of the shorts bottom to the other. Take that measurement and multiply by .90. then add seam allowance. (please ignore the fact that I sewed in a different order then the instructions I promise the measurement will be the same)

My numbers for example

33"x .90 = 29.7 plus seam allowance =30.25 (rounded to the nearest .25)

Now cut 2 pieces of binding at this measurement with the width of your choosing 1" for fold over binding or 1.5" for double fold binding.

Finish your Relay shorts minus the waistband. Binding will be attached in your desired method.(Fold over or double fold) You will notice when you attach the binding the side seam will look a little wonky.

This is how we will fix this. Head on over to your sewing machine and sew a straight line from the side seam across the binding to cut thru this little flair. Back stitch a couple times.

This is how it will look now. Perfect!

Sew your Cadence leggings per instructions minus the waistband.

Construct your desired waistband.

Place your Cadence leggings inside the Relay shorts and find the quarter points. Find quarter points of the desired waistband and then match all quarter points of Relay shorts, Cadence Leggings and the waistband. Sew all three together. Go slow there are a lot of layers and you do not want to miss any.

Now show them off!

Mix and match colors and patterns for some fun combinations!

Happy Sewing.

Make sure to share any makes from this blog on the ALD Facebook group! I cant wait to see!

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