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Wear-to-Work: Autumn Edition

What do you wear to work? For me, it’s generally jeans and a T-shirt, but for autumn, I want something new. It’s the start of a new season and time for some new clothes! I bought this ALD bundle and felt inspired to make a mini-capsule wardrobe appropriate for my job and the season.

Where do I work? Here, at a wholesale plant distributor.

My job includes interacting with customers, unloading trucks, lifting and moving plants, paperwork, and plant care. I need clothes that aren’t too fussy, comfortable, and easy to move in, but still look put together. I define it as upscale T-shirt wear.

I am in desperate need of some new tops. For this capsule, I focused on layers for maximum mix-and-match-ability. I chose patterns that worked well with knits, had unique design features, and were quick sews. So this is my all-top capsule wardrobe.

I started with four “under” layers. The first was the Blade Tank from Amelia Lane Designs. Of course, this is a great athletic design, but this versatile design fits well under all sorts of tops and will be great on its own in warm weather. Plus, this white and black striped pointelle is the perfect weight for all seasons and matches everything.

Second, I used the Core Tee, also from Amelia Lane Designs, as a base for a simple hack! I wanted a mock turtleneck top for layering, but the Core doesn’t include one. So I traced the neckline from another pattern I had and also cut the mock turtleneck band. I love the look of elbow length sleeves with this neckline so I cut the sleeves between the short and long lengths included in the pattern. After sewing, I tried the shirt on and hemmed sleeves to my desired length. Fabric is the Angie rib knit, the main reason I decided I needed this bundle and the perfect color palette for autumn.

Third up was the Legends 2.0 Top from Stay and Stitch. There are two different options in this pattern- a fitted version and swing design. I don’t own any swing tops, but it looked so comfortable I felt inspired to try. This terracotta rayon spandex from my bundle has a beautiful drape that works so well with this type of shirt. And I love this unique neckline. It looks amazing under all my outer layers.

My final under layer is the Foz Top from Itch to Stitch. This is a great shirt that takes just a little longer to sew than a plain tee, but looks so much fancier. Snaps and buttons make any knit top look more professional, and I love how well they complement cardigans. I used another rib knit, this time Sophia, which is unfortunately unavailable.


Now it’s time for the “outer” layers! I have a particular love for lace-up necklines. And when I saw that was an option on the Whitney from Sonia Estep Designs, I bought the pattern immediately. I wish you could feel this hunter green rib knit through the computer. It is so incredibly soft with such lovely drape! Hunter green always takes me back to the 90s, somewhere I

don’t particularly want to go. But I’m glad I gave this fabric a chance- it’s lovely.

I have always wanted a long duster length cardigan. But I talked myself out of it because “it

takes too much fabric.” I will say this Aveiro cardigan from Itch to Stitch used nearly every bit of the 2 yards of waffle knit I had (and I pieced the cuffs and bands), but it was so worth it! This dijon waffle knit has the most beautiful texture and is extra fluffy and soft. I went the extra mile and bound all the inside seams with some stretch mesh according to the pattern instructions. That way even when the cardigan is open, there is nothing but pretty seams. Look how pretty it is inside out!

The final outer layer is a piece I have previously shared- the Serenity Sweater from Love Notions. This quick sew is so very flattering. It’s easy to wear and the design definitely kicks the professionalism of my wardrobe up a notch. The drape of this charcoal rib knit is perfection for the design and the neutral color matches everything!


My go-to bottom option is jeans and, yes, I desperately need to sew some that fit better than these store bought ones! But I was super excited to see that my new tops match random items in my wardrobe.

I bought these leggings on a whim last year, but haven’t worn them because I have nothing that matches them. However, they look fab with my new top and cardigan! Now I can’t wait to go through the rest of my closet for inspiration.

I hope you are inspired to make yourself some work clothes, no matter where your occupation takes you.

This post contains affiliate links. The links add no extra cost to you, but I receive a small commission which helps fund my further sewing adventures.


For easier clicking, below is a photo reference and list of the patterns and fabrics I used. The Angie rib knit, hunter rib knit, and terracotta rayon spandex are also available together in a bundle here.

Sophia rib knit (unavailable)

Bottom Center: Ready-to-wear jeans

Bottom Right: Ready-to-wear leggings

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