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Dream Tee - In 12 Bases

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

With the release of ALD's first pattern you might be wondering what base is best?

Well fear not fabric friends I have done the work for you! I tested the Dream Tee on most of the bases that ALD has to offer. And they are all winners!

In an effort to keep the comparisons as equal as possible I created T shirt length for all as well as using the same fabric for neckbands as T.

Rayon Spandex

I used Winston for this deep V version. I fell victim to cutting while distracted and had to color block to save the fabric! But who doesn't love a little mesh accent!

RS handled the DT gracefully. Winston is on the lighter side as far as weight so i added little shoulder reinforcement with clear elastic.

The neckband held up well with plenty of stretch. It grew a little with wear but as we all know its kinda the nature of RS.

Double Brushed Poly

I used Wine DBP for this scoop neck DT. I personally LOVE DBP. And this tee works perfect in DBP. This base really shows off the fit of the DT, with a fitted bust and a more relaxed fit at the hip.

Plenty of stretch for the neckband with great recovery. This will surely be a staple for me!

Athletic Brushed Poly

This one is definitely a winner. i used Steel ABP made the deep V neckline and let me tell you it was the easiest V ive ever made. (and i dont think its because ive made half a million Dream Tees) the stretch and recovery of ABP made this a breeze to sew. The overall fit seems a little more fitted but geeze this thing is comfy!

At ALD we believe Athletics are for everybody, so dont shy away because it has the word Athletic in it! We 100% support you wearing this wherever you want doing whatever you want!

Alpaca Sweater Knit

Or as we like to call it "faux-paca" as it has no alpaca in it just inspired by soft alpaca .

This Bailey Tee itself fits well. Super comfy and has more relaxed fit due to the poor recovery.

I would shy away from using Alpaca as a neckband. As you can see this scoop neckline and a bit more scoop then drafted. That being said, its not unwearable.


This Berlin shirt makes me feel fancy. Liverpool is such a stable knit it gives flare to anything made with it. I imagine dress length in liverpool would be fabulous! If you make one please share it! Liverpool has great stretch so this deep V looks just as it should after a good press.


Everyone loves waffles. Well i hope the do whats not to love about warm soft fabric.

I used Denim waffle knit for this scoop neck version of the Dream Tee. And unfortunately the waffle just cant hold up to the neckband. The neckline is quite a bit bigger than intended but not unwearable. I would recommend banding with something else if you would like to keep the intended fit. If this relaxed look is for you go for it!


This mesh i used was a very limited stock and was available in a bundle only, however black square mesh and Burgundy mesh are available on the site! 

Besides the obvious sheerness of the mesh it came together nicely. The deep V neck wasn't as crisp as some of the other bases and im guessing it may be due to the loose weave of the fabric. 

This will make a great swim cover in dress length! Or will look great over a solid tank!


Not all Hacci are created equal reinforcement with clear elastic may be needed depending on the weave of the fabric. I used Boulder (currently out of stock) Boulder is a tighter weave more like a French terry making it more stable.  I did not use clear elastic on this DT and it turned out great. Plenty of stretch for the deep V and fit is as intended. Definitely a bit different then the Alpaca sweater knit. 


Ity is such a great material to wear. Many find the slipperyness of it can be challenging but i promise its worth it! Ity resists wrinkles which makes it the perfect vacation fabric!  

This Seaside Dream tee turned out great! The drape of the fabric really shows the shape of the DT. Plenty of stretch for the neckband with decent recovery keeping the intended fit.


Midas is so soft and comfortable. It has great stretch and recovery making it so versatile. Dream Tee with a perfect deep V was easy to attain with this Triblend. 

Rib Knit

Terracotta Rib Knit in a Dream Tee? yes please! Oh wait where have i seen this before......Mya! She wore hers on the ITY Sale live! And who doesn't want to be like Mya? Rib knit in any color works great for the DT. Great stretch and recovery and soooo comfortable.  Rib knit had no problem with the neckband. So go ahead and make one in all 4 colors. We wont judge. 

French Terry

When selecting a French Terry be sure to check stretch with a patterns recommended minimum. I used Gibson

For this deep V version. The neckband was a struggle to get on as there is not a lot of stretch but once it was on a good press left it looking fantastic! A long sleeve Dream Tee in French Terry would be so dreamy!

Thats 12 bases! If i had to pic a favorite i whould have to say its ABP. What will your first DT be?

Dream Tee is on sale 11/1 thru 11/5 for $7.99 ($9.99 regular price)

Be sure to check in to our Blog everyday of the release sale for great hack ideas!

Happy Sewing!

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1 Comment

Jan Allison
Jan Allison
Nov 02, 2019

Thank you, Kendel! You're amazing!

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