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Dream Tee Neckline Hacks Day #2

Have you met the Amelia Lane Designs Dream Tee?


This PDF Pattern offered in sizes 00 -34, the Dream Tee offers something for just about everyone. Check out the round up of options included in the pattern here.


The Dream Tee is designed to be made with your favorite knit fabrics - Double or Single Brushed Polyester (DBP/SBP), French Terry, Rayon Spandex or Jersey - anything with at least 20% stretch and good recovery. The dolman sleeves are easy and comfortable no matter the season.

Kendel made a dozen dream tees in different fabrics. Check out her comparison here.


The Dream Tee is a breeze to sew, and will quickly become a favorite in your wardrobe! BONUS - we've put together an amazing collection of pattern hacks, so you can easily make the Dream Tee your own. 

To keep the fun going through the release sale, we'll be publishing a batch of hacks everyday!

Today is the second volume of neckline hacks.

If you missed Necklines Day 1 find it HERE

All hacks will be in their own category on the blog so you can easily find them all at the end of the release. Check out the category here.


Rachel added a cowl neck! Find out how she did it HERE.

Sonia hacked a lace up detail! Find out how she did it HERE.

Emily used the Dream Tee to make a duster cardigan! Find out how she did it HERE.


Stay tuned to the blog for more Dream Tee hacks tomorrow!

Once they're all posted you can find them HERE in the Dream Tee Hacks Category.

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