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Dream Cardi Hack

Hi everyone! Emily here - I usually blog at SewPo Threads but am here today with my hack to turn the new Dream Tee Dolman into a cardigan.

You'll need a few things to get started:

  • Dream Tee pattern

  • Fabric for your desired options

  • Measuring tape

  • Hard ruler

  • All your other usual sewing materials

I am going to be turning the scoop neck dress length into a duster cardigan, with the long sleeve cuffs. I'll be using my Amelia Lane Designs wine waffle knit, and decided to add in the pockets for fun! (The V neck might also work for this hack, but I like the little bit of extra cardigan coverage from the scoop.)

The first place we're going to diverge from the pattern directions is right at the start when cutting fabric. You'll want to cut your back pattern on the fold, but your front pieces should be cut as two mirror images.

This shows my back piece cut on the fold in the top right, and my front piece lined up ready to be cut as two mirror images.

I also like to smooth out what will become my front edge at this point. I usually start by cutting off a small triangle, and then round everything out a little bit more if needed. I used the bottom point of the V neck as a guide as shown here.

Make sure you cut out any additional pieces you need - long sleeve or long sleeve cuffs, and pockets if you're including those!

Now go ahead and sew your shoulder seams, side seams, and finish your sleeves off per the pattern directions.

Fold your cardigan in half, lining up the front edges and marking the center back. Use your measuring tape to get the length from center back to bottom edge - mine was 41.5" - and add the seam allowance of 3/8" to your number (42.125" for me).

Cut two rectangles using this number as the length by your desired width. I ended up doing mine 8" by 42.125". You can go even wider for an even cozier look! I really liked how 8" worked out for me, and I would not recommend going any narrower than 6".

Place your rectangles right sides together and sew along one short end, forming one long rectangle.

Fold this wrong sides together and press well. I'm showing a portion of mine here - I marked the seam with a clip, as I will be lining that up with my center back in the next step.

Right sides together, clip or pin the center seam of your band to your center back.

Also right sides together, pin the bottom edges of your band to the bottom edge of your front on one side, then repeat for the other side.

Continue clipping or pinning the length of the front - you will have to ease around the curves as you go!

This is only a bit more than half of my cardigan - it is too big to get the whole length in one photo!

Sew or serge your band on, being careful not to stretch the body of your cardigan as you go!

Press the seam allowance away from the band and towards to cardigan. Optionally, you may choose to top stitch for a nice finish.

Press your hem up 1/2" all the way along the bottom edge, sew, and press.

And you're done!

I can't wait to see all the Dream Tee cardis you come up with - please share them in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook group so I can see!

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