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Little Dreamer: Gathered Back Hack

The long awaited Kids version of the Dream tee is here! and we couldn't be more excited!

Today I bring to you an easy Hack to add a little flare to the Little Dreamer Tee, by creating a gathered back.

What you will need:

Little Dreamer pattern

Something to measure with

Scrap paper

You can pick any options you want. Top or dress, V or scoop, and any sleeve length!

Print or project your pattern and grade where needed. Set front, sleeve and band aside for now we will be working on the back pattern piece.

Decide where you want your gathering to be across the back. I decided on 7" below the center back neckline (size 8.) You can adjust this to whatever looks good to you. But having the gathers below the sleeve will work out the best.

Once you have picked the location you will draw a line straight across the back.

Using this line cut the back pattern in 2. ( The top portion will now be called top back piece and the bottom will be called bottom back piece.) Use scrap paper to add Seam allowance to the bottom of the top back piece and the top of the bottom back piece.

Set the top back piece aside.

Measure across the top of the bottom back piece, and divide that number by 2

ex: My pattern measures 8 across. Divide by 2 and I get 3.5

Take this number and using scrap paper add this width at the fold.

Cut the front, sleeves(optional), neckband, back top piece and back bottom piece from your chosen fabric.

Sew your favorite gathering stitches across the top of the bottom back bodice. ( I use a straight stich at the longest length)

Pull Gathering stitches until the bottom back bodice matches the top. Pin or clip the top and bottom back bodice right sides together. Sew together.

Optional: adding clear elastic to this seam to stabilize the gathers. Also topstitching is optional.

The rest of the Dress or top is completed per instructions. Sew shoulder seams, side seams, neckband and hems.

Now show it off! I cant wait to see.

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