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Thrifty Thursday - Rockford Grow With Me PJ's

Happy Thursday! I'm so excited to be doing Thrifty Thursday with you all this week!

I don't know about you, but my little dude is growing "up" a lot faster than he is growing "out." That's one reason I love the Ellie And Mac Grow With Me Pajamas. These pajamas are a super quick and easy sew. The pattern features fold up cuffs to allow your small humans to wear both the top and bottom so much longer. As they grow, you can simply fold down the cuffs to be longer and longer. My guy was super excited about this feature, as he's been growing out of things almost as fast I can make them lately!

When I told him that Mya had asked us to whip up some jammies for Thrifty Thursday, he immediately went to the Amelia Lane Designs site and started shopping. Not much was really catching his eye, until he saw Rockford! He immediately asked why he didn't already have a wardrobe out of it. It's a lovely soft jersey fabric that has a comfy t-shirt feel. I paired it up with some navy stripes (sadly sold out) to show off the unique yoke color blocking in the pattern. Rockford was great for pajamas because it's so soft and breathable, keeping him from waking up a sweaty mess.

Grab your FREE Grow With Me Pajamas from Ellie and Mac here and your Rockford jersey fabric (30% off!!!) here!

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