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Thankful/Thrifty Thursday- Dalton

It's Thursday, and that means Thrifty Thursday! Today we have two different feature fabrics, which is exciting! I made the Sew a Little Seam Pet Pajamas out of Dalton. The pet pjs are free with the code from the SALS facebook group. Dalton has a fantastic almost pine background which I find perfect for fall/winter!

I have two cats and a dog who all got matching pjs!

I'm sure you've seen my pup around the Amelia Lane Facebook page.

She was skeptical at first, but she is a freeze baby so I knew if she gave them a chance, she would love them! As I write, she is fast asleep on her bed still in her Dalton jammies! I love the size range on this pattern since Mia has a deep chest I don't have to worry about finding a pattern that's going to fit well.

Our fluffy kitty LOVES shirts. It doesn't matter the season, he's all for them. This cat loves to lay on the heating vents and digs himself under blankets, so I'm sure for him they're just like a wearable blanket!

On the other hand, our little orange hated her jammies. Thankfully my sister has a cat that loves jammies, so they will be passed on to her! Again, I love the size range on these that they fit both my pup and my cats all in the same pattern! Don't forget to check out Kelle's Bradly waffle ladies Movie Night pajamas as well! And of course, grab this fantastic DBP at 20% off!

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