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Thrifty Thursday - Plum Corduroy Turpin Snarf

For today's Season of Giving Thrifty Thursday, I used the Plum corduroy to sew up the Turpin Snarf from Mother Grimm. The code to get the Turpin Snarf for free is in this pinned post, you must be a member of Mother Grimm's sewing designs and chat group on Facebook to view the post.

For today only, plum corduroy is 30% off! The color in this is gorgeous, and reminds me a lot of the wine waffle that I love so dearly. It has pretty good stretch, so I'm excited to try some slim ankle pants in this in the future.

So what is a snarf? It's a cross between a snood and a scarf - a snood is a cowl with a hood. So it's a wrap-around cowl with no hood!

The Turpin Snarf has some fun colorblocking options (which is also great for piecing together if your fabric is directional and not wide enough), and can be triangular like the one I sewed up, or a curved version. It also has an option for slightly shorter tails if you are sewing for someone younger or who might prefer a more snug fit.

The Turpin Snarf has options for some different closures - I picked the version where you just feed one end of your snarf through the loop on the other end, but you can also include one or more buttons to close it. I like that you can wear it "closed," but it also looks cute with the ends dangling down a bit.

I lined my plum corduroy with black DBP, but I picked a fluffier fabric for the versions I made for my son's daycare teachers and it stands up a little more. I might use a bit of interfacing at least along the top edge if I pick two lighter fabrics again in the future, or even a felt or fleece interlining. (At the time of writing this, there's still some Handmade Holiday Bundles left if you want to snag some of the super soft flannel I used for the main fabric!).

I love making cold weather accessories for his daycare teachers, as I imagine they have to do a lot of laundry cycles on their hats, gloves and scarves from playing outside with all of the cute little germ buckets.

(I did have to cut the flannel snarfs out against the grain, as I didn't have quite enough width for the longer option. As these are teacher gifts, I wanted to make sure they had some options for how snug these will end up being!)

If you snag the plum corduroy on sale, please share your makes in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group!

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