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Thrifty Thursday: Princeton Jersey ABB Tee

It's Thrifty Thursday here at Amelia Lane Designs which means 30% off (and codes stack!) the featured fabric. This week's feature is the Princeton plaid Jersey fabric!

Each week the fabric is featured by making a pattern that is available for free. The whole make is super thrifty!


Jersey fabric has good stretch, not too much structure but isn't super drapey either. This makes it great for a good variety of makes. Especially tee shirts!

Amelia Lane Designs created this handy info sheet to help understand all the fabric bases!


Mya sewed the free ABB tee from DIBY for her son. He's going into 4th grade this week so this is the perfect back to school make! But as kids tend to do, he's growing fast and this tee is already ready to be handed down to his sister! Fortunately this fabric and pattern work for her style too!

Adjustments - This is the "slim fit" cut, crew neckline.

Details - The neckband and pocket are great scrap busters and are made from Black ATY scraps.

The pattern is available for free on the DIBY website.

Pattern link:

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