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Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday time again!

Today's featured fabric is Maile! I made Annelaine kids Villeta top in short sleeves for my Twincesses. 

 Maile is a rayon spandex with vibrant coral and Lava flowers and olive leaves on a black background. It has a flowy drape and is perfect for layers or a warm day! 

Annelaine's Villeta Top is a FREE Pattern with options for long or short sleeve and an added ruffle or flounce. The construction of this pattern is very quick! I made both tops in about 30 min (during naptime so no interruptions!)  This Free pattern is a great way to check off that Flounce box on your Bingo board if you haven't already! 

I did!

As always our Thrifty Thursday fabric will be 30٪ off today only!  Feel free to use the start your pile listing to prepare for tomorrow's releases!  Happy Sewing! 

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