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Not So Cold Shoulder Hack - Tulip Hem

Creating a tulip hem is a fun easy way to add some flair to the Not So Cold Shoulder top. This Hack is very beginner friendly and you will love the results!

This hack has no pattern piece alterations. You will print and cut the pattern as directed in the instructions.

You can choose any sleeve length and can completethis jack with our with or without the shelf bra.

When cutting the fabric you will want to cut 2 identical "front" bodice pieces. DO NOT MIRROR THEM!

Cut everything else as directed.

Set all pieces aside except the 2 fronts.

Using your favorite fabric marking method (i use heat erase pens) mark 7" (this is what i used you can change this to your preference) up from the bottom raw edge on each side of both fronts.

Hem both front pieces at 1/2 inch.

Run a row of gathering stitches along the right side of one front starting at where the lengthen/shorten line is all the way to the hem. Repeat on the other front only on the left side.

Now clip or pin both fronts together, it will not matter what one is on top 100% up to you.

Now pull to gather one side until it is even with the mark you made at 7". Repeat with the other side.

Baste the 2 fronts together at the sides, and remove gathering threads

Treating the 2 fronts as one,

finish the construction of your NSCS per instructions. Make sure when you sew the sides together that you do not stretch to fit as the back piece should be 1/2" longer then the hemed front.

Fold the 1/2" up and hem.

And you're done!

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