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Not So Cold Shoulder - Fabric Layout

Are you sewing up the new Not-So-Cold Shoulder Sweater?

The options you choose will affect how much fabric you need and how to lay it out.

Here's a round up blog post of the options that are in the pattern.

Below is a graphic that summarizes the possible layouts.

No Folding Needed!

This pattern is probably the easiest I've ever laid out. Everything is it's own pattern piece so you can layout and visualize all of your pieces on your fabric quite easily.

The greatest stretch is always going to go across the body and the selvage will run down the body. For your garment to lay nicely, watch the grainline to ensure your pattern pieces stay parallel to the selvage.

Watch for the logo to face up!

When you're cutting your fabric, make sure all of the NSCS logos are facing up. If you put the pattern piece facing down for one piece and facing up for another, you'd end up with shoulders that don't match up. If you want the opposite shoulder to be "cold", cut with all pattern pieces facing down (so you can't see the logo, just the blank back of paper).

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