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Off Shoulder Dream Tee Hack

Hi friends! Sonia (@mamascraftroom) here today to show you how I created this sexy off shoulder hack of the new ALD Dream Tee!

My first step when hacking a pattern is always to trace the pattern piece so I’m not altering my original. In this case, since we will need a full front piece to work with, I traced it twice and taped the two pieces together at the center. I used the back neckline as the one I cut out, rather than the scoop (this is explained later!)

Next we create our new neckline! This is a matter of personal preference, and the measurements I’m using may vary from what will work with the size that you are sewing, so please take that into consideration!

Here, we are going to add the marks for our new slouchy neckline. I will note here: I wanted mine to fall off of one shoulder! You can use this technique with equal distances from the neckline if you want it off BOTH shoulders! Personally, I marked 1 inch to the left side of the back neckline, and 4 inches on the right side. I guessed these measurements by wearing another dream tee I had and using a tape measure to measure how far down I'd like the off-shoulder to slouch.

I then marked the point where the front scoop neckline hit on the pattern. I added a second mark about 2/3 of the way down between the back neckline and the front neckline. This mark is the one I will use to create the new cutline. (Explained: I didn’t use the full depth of the front neck line because I didn’t want the scoop to be so deep that shirt wouldn’t stay up.) Based on these three marks, I used a pencil to sketch my new neckline, making sure to curve from shoulder to shoulder without any points.

Next, go ahead and cut out your new neckline piece! Since the front and the back with the same, we only have to do this once.

Use a tape measure to measure your new neckline, making sure to press your finger down and pivot your measuring tape for the most accurate measurement.

Take the measurement you ended up with, and multiply it by .85 (or 85%). Then add your seam allowance, which is .5 inches (= .25 inches on either side). You are adding seam allowance on both sides because we are going to cut two band pieces so that our band seams lineup with the seams at the shoulders. It is worlds easier to do it this way, in my opinion, especially when working with asymmetrical neck lines.

Now, go ahead and cut out your new top piece; I folded my fabric and half and cut both front and back at the same time.

You can either create a pattern piece for your neck band, or use a larger ruler to cut it out using your measurements, up to you.

And that’s it! Go ahead and sew the pattern per the instructions, that is to say your shoulder seams, side seams, and add the bands. The only slight difference here is that you have two band pieces, which you will sew together at each short end and match up with your shoulder seems.

Now you have a gorgeous new off-shoulder top with just the right amount of spice :D

Stay Crafty!

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