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Not So Cold Shoulder Hack - Ruched Side

Hey there! Kendel here hacking the "Not So Cold Shoulder" top from Amelia Lane Designs. If you haven't got a chance to pick it up do so while its on sale and be sure to tune in and check out all the great blog hacks coming to you during the release!

So today I'm going to show you a pretty quick hack to add a little gather detail to the front of your NSCS. I got this idea from a Pinterest picture and knew it would look great on this top!

Ok, here we go!

Print, assemble and cut out your pattern pieces, adding and adjustments you normally would (I add 1 inch for height). You can use any sleeve length and can make this with or without the optional bra.

This next part is completely based on preference but I will tell you how I did mine. First, slice the front bodice piece from the Right (while looking at it, actual wearers left) top point straight down to the hem line.

After cutting apart, add 1/4" seam allowance to each piece. This can be done with scrap paper. Set aside the narrower right bodice piece for later.

I wanted a subtle gather, nothing to crazy so I opted to add 1/3 to the total length of the top. You can up that to 1/2 or more if you decide you want more and follow these same steps with your numbers.

Ok, back to the math. Total length of my top it 22.5" 1/3 of that is 7.5" so I need to add 7.5" to the right side of my new left bodice piece. I'm going to do this by adding 3.75" in two spots, on the left bodice. (If you are doing a more dramatic gather you may want to divide it up more, especially with a directional print). I already have my 1/3 measurement so I'm going to use that to evenly space my wedges.

Now cut these lines almost all the way thru. On a spare piece of paper, mark 3.75"

and slip it under the pattern. Separate the pattern were you cut it until it lines up with the measurements creating a wedge (3.75" on the right and down to 0" on the left).

Repeat with the 2nd cut.

Your pattern will now have 7.5" extra on the right and the left will have remained the same. It will have sort of a curve to it and look something like this

Cut your fabric, making sure to cut both this piece and the skinny right Bodice piece we set aside earlier.

Run a row of your favorite gathering stitch about 1/4" from the raw edge of right side of the Left front bodice piece ( the one we wedged out). Pull the gathering threads until the piece is the same length as the right bodice piece. Pin or clip together.

Sew together using a stretch stitch (i also added clear elastic to the seam (not required but it helps keep the desired shape).

Give this seam a good press!

Finish the construction of your NSCS per instructions using this this new front piece. And you're done! Put it on and show it off! I can't wait to see it!

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