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Legs too long? Leggings with cuffs to the rescue!

I made the leggings! I made the perfect leggings! I am tall – so I picked the tall size.

Then I decided to try them on before hemming. And. My 36 inseam is too tall for the tall pattern. I did not measure the pattern piece. My bad.

Oh. Off I go to the sofa and sulk there for good 15 minutes.

I was really looking forward to having nice, full length leggings and those are perfect. They would be perfect, but the length.

Has that happened to you too?

Ok, let’s save them. Let’s add cuffs!

First, let’s measure how much extra length do we need. For me, it was 3 inches.

Then, let’s measure the leg piece at the bottom. 12 inches for me.

Let’s do some math. Length: 12 inches + ½ in for seam allowance (I did not want my cuff to be tighter than the leggings – if you want yours to be tighter, cut a bit shorter one). Height: 3x2 inches + 1 in for seam allowance.

Let’s cut our cuff pieces – two 12 ½ in x 7 in.

Sew or serge the short end to form a circle. Sew or serge the cuffs to the pants.

And you are done! You have full length leggings with cuffs!

Happy sewing!


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