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Marina Hack: One Side Slit

Hello, all! I'm Jan, and I'm back with another awesome hack for the Marina tank!

I'm going to walk you through adding a single side slit to the maxi or calf length version. I love a single dramatic side slit in a maxi dress. It elevates an easy to wear, comfy dress to a cheeky, sexy statement piece!

I chose this awesome Keller DBP to make a casual Marina that will be perfect to finish off summer and carry into the fall as a layering piece.

The first step is to print your pattern out. I decided to go with the calf length option, as it shows just a bit more around the ankles, but the full length maxi works great for this hack, too.

Once you've printed your size, look at the assembled pieces. Notice the curved hem line? We're going to use it for inspiration. Take a straight edge and use it to draw a straight line from the regular, square hem corner at the bottom of the pattern up to the edge of the little right angle that sticks out at the top of the curved hem line.

If you'd like to make an extra dramatic slit, now's your chance. Simply continue your line up as far as you'd like, and copy that little part that sticks out like a square at the top end of your new slit.

Next, cut out your pattern pieces. Once you've got them cut, we're going to skip around in the steps of the included tutorial a bit.

Take your front and back and place them right sides together. Pin one side (it doesn't matter yet) from hem to armscye and stitch the entire length. Since we have added some width along the bottom, use a 1/2" seam allowance until you get to the top of your slit (that little square again) then continue with a 1/4" seam allowance the rest of the way up to the arm opening.

The next step is to hem the dress. Take your dress and press a 1/2" hem from the top of your slit, down to the bottom hem, across the bottom of both the front and back pieces, then back up to the top of your other slit, and stitch your hem.

From here, you're going to continue with the steps to complete the curved hem dress. Finish your other side as described in the tutorial. Go ahead and stitch your shoulder seams, then we have one more decision to make.

Because the front and back of the Marina are the same until you add your neck band, you can choose which side you want your slit to lie on. Personally, I decided to put mine on the right. About once a week, I open my car door into my left leg and have a perpetual boo boo on my shin, so my right leg is the go to for showing off.

Follow the directions to add the neckband, keeping in mind that the overlap should show on the front, as you finish off your dress with the slit on your chosen side. The last step is the arm bands, and you're all done! Enjoy your awesome new dress!

Be sure to check out the rest of today's hemline hacks for a whole lot more ideas on new and exciting makes from your Marina tank!

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