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Marina Tank- Colorblocked Top

Hey all! Jamie here, stopping in for a super quick colorblock hack on the Marina tank from Amelia Lane Designs. Grab your fabric and pattern (or switch on your projector) and we’ll get started.

Since I use a projector, that’s what we’re going to start with. In case you didn’t already know, ALD includes great projector files with their patterns. The app I use for projecting my patterns has an option to mark on the pattern so that it will show on the projected image. I wanted the colorblocking to fall just above my bust, so I chose about where I thought it ought to fall and highlighted across that section.

Now, you can cut straight from there if you wish. But remember to make your pieces overlap enough so that you have a seam allowance! Or you can choose to trace onto paper, which is what I’ve done. I started by tracing my upper bodice with the lower edge falling along the bottom of the highlight mark I made.

The lower portion of the bodice I’m going to make the upper edge half an inch higher than where the bottom of the upper bodice falls. This will be my seam allowance.

Now, decide if you want your back piece to be solid or the same as the front. I opted to color block both pieces. Cut your fabrics accordingly.

Line up your upper and lower front bodice pieces. Pin or clip.

Stitch along this edge. Repeat with back pieces. Now follow original instructions for remaining pattern construction. And that’s it! If you made your own colorblocked Marina, I hope you’ll share it in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook group.

Thanks & happy sewing!


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