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Little Dreamer: Split Back Hack

My middle kid has a very strong sense of fashion style. She doesn't wear anything plain unless it's used as a base layer. I created this Little Dreamer Split Back hack with her in mind.

Cut the FRONT and NECKBAND pattern pieces as you normally would. For the top half of the BACK piece measure 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch down past the shorten lengthen line. Make sure to sew your seam allowance at whatever distance you measured.

Repeat this step with the lower half of the BACK pattern piece. Then to create the 2 panel pieces measure one inch past the fold line and cut. This will give you a half inch for over lapping and half an inch for the ehm allowance.

Now hem the the 2 panels of lower half BACK pieces. Make

sure to use a half inch hem allowance.

Next place the panels right side up with a half inch overlap.

Then lay the top half of the BACK pattern piece right side

down. Match up and pin together then sew/serge. Top Stitch if you desire.

You can now follow the rest of the directions to finish sewing

the Little Dreamer. Sew shoulders, side seams and hem.

And now you have a cute trendy top for the youngsters or even apply this hack to the Dream Tee!

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