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Leggings with pockets - now even better

Leggings with pockets, that is life.

Yet if you are anything like me, you keep thinking if the pockets are actually deep enough and is it really safe to put your phone in there. And, I came up with a solution! Cadence Tights have the perfect size pockets, and I had a feeling that all they really need is something to make sure whatever I put in there, stays put in there. And I came up with a pocket flap hack!

Now, let me walk you step by step through it, so you can do the same too.

First, let’s prep the pattern piece.

You will need both the pocket outer and the yoke/pocket lining piece for that.

Here I have marked (with the faint pencil line) where I will hem the pocket piece.

Measure about 1.5-2.5 inches from where the top of the pocket hem line is going to be, mark that on a piece of paper (this is where the new pattern piece will be overlapping the original pocket piece). If you prefer the overlap to be bigger, it will work just fine too.

Add about ½ - 1 in to the top of the existing pocket pattern piece (this is the piece you will be folding down, when attaching the pocket flap piece).

This is what your new pattern piece is going to look like.

Cut two of the pocket flap pieces (mirrored).

Measure the bottom (shortest) edge of the new pattern piece and cut two bands for it at the length of the new pattern piece and 1 ¼ - 1 ½ in width.

Pin the bands you just cut to the new pattern piece, sew or serge them on.

Place / pin the original pocket pieces in place as you normally would.

Place the new pocket flap piece on top of the original pocket piece. Make sure it is overlapping and on top of the pocket piece, there is only enough fabric to attach the flap piece to the yoke piece right on top of the pocket, with the banded side facing down.

Pin and/or baste it to make sure it stays there.

Attach the pocket flap piece.

Sew the rest of the leggings as per instructions.

Happy sewing!


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