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Core Tee Lace Up Back Hack

I saved the best for last! This is my last Core Tee Pattern hack for this tour and it's surpringly easy but dresses things up!

Unlike when I did the pencil hourglass dress and added flare in the side panels, this time I'm adding the flare in the front and back panels because that way my side panels remain a consistent width.

Cut out the core tee pattern with the new dress lengthened pieces. I also decided to use the sleeve piece from my Juliet sleeve hack.

Cut two width of fabric strips 2" wide.

Sew short ends together to form one very long strip.

Pin and sew right sides together.

Turn tube right side out.

Cut six two inch strips off the bottom of each side of the tube.

Wonder tape these pieces into loops.

Tape the loops equally distanced along the back panel sides. Sandwich with the side panel pieces and sew.

Sew up the rest per the tutorial (except I'm doing my juliet sleeves because I'm always extra)

Thread the drawstring through the loops.

It's much easier to do once there's a body in the dress.

and done! This ties up all the loose ends of the hack tour!

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