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Hemline Hack - Tunic w/ Side Slits

The Dream Tee is becoming a regular t-n-t pattern for me. I can see me being able to wear it in all seasons and being able to hack it to create different types of tops and dresses. One of the easiest hacks to do on this pattern is to adjust the length. In this first post, we will adjust the pattern to tunic length and create side slits.

This type of tunic is perfect for fall and winter. It can be worn with jeans as shown in these inspiration pics, with leggings and booties for a night out or even with a pencil skirt for business casual.

My inspiration photo comes from the department store, Kohls:

Prior to starting, make any of your normal adjustments. For me, I have to shorten the pattern to adjust for my lack of height (why yes, I will shorten the pattern just to go back and lengthen it LOL) so that the intended waist and overall shape and style of the garment is maintained.

For the tunic, I measured from my natural waist down to where I want the tunic to stop. I like my tunics just long enough to cover my butt for days I want to wear leggings but short enough that it doesn’t resemble a dress. I measured from the shorten/length line down adding ½ inch for hem allowance. Alternatively, you can just use the top hem line and add 2-4 inches – remembering to add that additional ½ for hem allowance.

Mark your new hemline measurement on the fold side of your pattern piece. Draw a straight line across your pattern piece and extend the tee side seam down to meet your new straight hemline like I did here in red. When cutting your pattern pieces, keep the notch for the pocket. Instead of clipping it, mark it with a marking tool to signify where we will stop stitching.

Follow steps 1-14. Next, finish the raw edges of your tunic. If serging, do not cut any of the fabric off. Then, follow step 16 sewing the front and back pieces together from the sleeve to the marking we made (originally the pocket marking) backstitching to reinforce. Press the side seams open, continuing to press the unsewn portion of the side seam ¼ inch. If using the cuff sleeve version, continue to steps 17-18.

To hem, start at the front hem sewing up the slit, pivoting across the side seam and back down the other side of the slit. Repeat to the other side. Then, hem the front and back separately at ½ hem allowance. And that’s it! A simple hemline change that can expand the possibilities of the same great pattern. Can’t wait to see your version!

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