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Dream Tee with a Twist

Welcome to the twist hem hack for the Dream Tee! I LOVE twist hem tees, and LOVE the Dream Tee, so I knew they were made for each other. After a bit of browsing and even ordering a cheap "twist hem" shirt online to check if what I had planned worked, I've figured out how to add a twist to any hem!

**For this hack, you will want to print out the guide I have attached.

1) Cut your pieces as normal

2) Now you’ll decide where you would like your twist. I prefer my twist on a side, but I know a lot of people also like them in the middle. It’s totally personal preference!

3) Create a fold where you’d like your twist to be created, if it is on a side, be sure to leave about 2 inches so you’ll be able to hem.

4) Lay the template on your fabric and cut out.

5) Before we construct the twist, now is the time to assemble your shirt as you would a regular Dream Tee.

6) Since I use my serger, I like to go ahead and attach the neckband at this point so I don't have to go back after using my sewing machine.

7) With this hack, we will need to hem the bottom before we continue. While hemming, the bottom, I also hem my sleeves!

8)We will now run gathering stitches on all the “flat” parts. I like to do a 1-2 stitch back stitch on one side to prevent my thread from pulling all the way out.

9)Fold RST and stitch 1.5 inches up

10)Now we will grab the right curve, and pull it under/through the hole. You’ll want to twist it so you see the right side of the print.

11)Then the left side, we are going to pull over to meet up with the piece we’ve already pulled through.

12)Line them up so both right sides are facing up towards you, pin or clip and stitch along the bottom.

13)I like to tack my twist on the back side to prevent it from flipping out.

You now have a Dream Tee with a twist!

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