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Dream Tee Full Button Down Hack

Welcome to the full button down Dream Tee hack! I'm always browsing Pinterest, and have a "I could make that" board, so when I jumped on the Dream Tee I knew it was going to be the perfect dolman to recreate my vision!

1)You will cut the back and sleeves as you would if you were going to construct a regular

dream tee. For the front, you will want to add your preferred seam allowance ( I went

with ¼” to keep with the pattern). Since it will be a button down, you will want to cut two mirrored pieces with the seam allowance added.

2) Measure from where your neck is, to the hem.

3) Cut 2 pieces of fabric for your button placket. Length will be the length you measured

in step two, I cut mine 2 inches wide. You’ll also want to cut two pieces of interfacing to be applied to the wrong side of the two strips.

4) Iron interfacing and then press the plackets wrong sides together

5) Pin or clip the plackets to the edge of the two shirt fronts and sew/serge them on.

6) If you’d like, this is the time to press the seam allowance toward the armpit, and top stitch the placket.

7) For this hack, I also add an inch to each side so we can have a clean finish.

8) On your neck band, mark ½ an inch

from each edge. Fold and press towards the wrong side.

9) Fold neck band in half, wrong sides together as you would with a regular neckband.

10) Line up the end of your neckband with the end of your button placket on each side, as well as marking and lining the center back. Pin or clip your neck band on and sew/serge. Top stitch if you desire.

11) Now for buttons (or snaps, if I’m being honest, I love snaps because they’re so easy!)

12) Decide how far apart you’d like your buttons. For this one, I used 1 inch.

13) Mark your buttonholes and go to town making them on your machine! (Or by hand if that’s your jam).

14) I like to cut my buttonholes open before sewing my buttons on. I use my seam ripper!

15) Sew buttons on opposite side placket

16) Now we will hem the bottom and if you have short sleeves or long sleeves with hem options, go ahead and hem those too.

- Now you have a full button down dream tee! I did a tee length, but am planning a dress length one for spring!

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