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Core Tee Tiered Peplum Hack

The Core Tee Pattern makes me believe I can make anything! I have had sew much fun using this base pattern to recreate all the trendy styles I've seen around lately!

One of the styles I've been seeing and wanting is the tiered, gathered peplum top style.

I decided to make it and it's surprisingly simple!

In short, I just cut the core tee off at the waist and added a 200% wider ruffle then a 200% wider ruffle below that. (PS I used Vivian Pointelle which has both drape and a bit of structure so it shows off the gathers but still gathers well).

The end? Just kidding! I'll show you in detail what I did.

Start with the core tee pattern. I used the lengthen/shorten line as my cut line to make just a bodice. Cut the front back, neckband and sleeves.

Assemble the bodice as per the tutorial


Next cut your tiers. I decided with hem allowance and seam allowances that for my finished length I wanted two tiers 7" long. You could do more and make a dress, less for a shorter peplum, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I also decided to use 200% as a guideline. Basically each tier should be twice as big as the seam it's connecting to. But I'm lazy and usually anytime something calls for a gathered skirt I just use whole width of fabric. It's a bit less than double for my first tier, but enough to see the gathers. For the second tier I used two pieces width of fabric with sideseams. I hemmed the bottom of the second tier before gathering.

Run a basting stitch along the top edge of each tier.

Pull the bobbin side of the thread and spread she gathers evenly.

Use the bodice/skirt above as a guide for how tightly to gather the skirt you're about to connect to it.

Sew the first tier to the bodice

Pin and sew the second tier

Thank yourself that it's already hemmed!

and done!

PS - I'll be back soon for more hacks! See the whole hack blog tour by visiting this category and watching for new ones to get added!

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