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Core Tee Juliet Sleeve Hack

With four new patterns releasing, the hack possibilities are endless. I meant to spread the love but I just got caught up on all the fun ways I can make the Core Tee Pattern into all the pretty styles I've seen this summer. The next one on my mind is what I'm calling a Juliet sleeve. I think that's the right term. It's gathered at both the top and the bottom and has a band to show off the poof! It's just so cute. Totes adorbs.

Start by cutting out the front, back and side panels and sewing up per the tutorial. You can do the neckband at this point while you're at it if you want to.

Measure the bottom of the original sleeve and cut two cuff pieces at about 90% of this measurement.

Trace the core tee pattern short sleeve onto a piece of paper and then cut it into equal parts.

If you only want the top of the sleeve gathered or the bottom of the sleeve, don't cut all the way through and just do a slash and spread instead. I decided I wanted both for maximum drama so I cut all the way through and spread about an inch in between each piece.

Then I traced the split pieces again so that I would have a pattern piece I could keep and reuse.

Cut new pieces.

Sew short ends of sleeve pieces (be sure to have marked the back)

Refer to the original pattern piece so you can see how much you'll need to gather.

Gather until it roughly matches. I gathered a little tighter because it's easier to spread the gathers as I pin if needed.

I decided to pin the cuff first.

and attach. This way when I pin the sleeve to the bodice, I don't have to worry about accidentally affecting the gathers at the bottom of the sleeve. Attach the sleeves per the tutorial since they're now the same size as the original pattern piece.

and done! This fabric is called Angie and it's a rib knit. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite core tee. and that's saying something because I've made a bunch!

PS - I'll be back soon for more hacks! See the whole hack blog tour by visiting this category and watching for new ones to get added!

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