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Core Tee Flutter Sleeve Hack

Yesterday I shared my Core Tee Pattern flounce hack and today I'm doubling down on that by adding double flounces to go with my flutter sleeves for a totally dreamy drape look. I used ocean cotton modal to achieve the softness.

Start by measuring the length of the viennese seam and deciding how wide you want your flounce (or flounces)

I drew mine out on paper so I could figure out how wide I want the various points along the shape. I wanted narrower flounces up on the chest and wider down by the hem.

It took some doing but I eventually came up with an actual pattern piece size shape that I felt matched my drawing.

Then I exaggerated that size and shape for a second under flounce.

Cut those pieces out

Measure the cap of the sleeve

The size of the sleeve cap will be the circumference of the inner "hole" of the circle flounce sleeve. The length of the sleeve will be the space between the sleeve hem and the inner "hole". Since I'm going to cut my pieces on the double fold I'll divide everything by 4. Starting with my sleeve cap 21.5" = 2piRadius. I come up with 3.42 as my radius of the inner "hole". Decided to make my sleeve about 9" long (same as the elbow length I had been using on the core tee) and so after I drew my inner "hole" I extended the radius that high on two sides and attempted to round out the circle shape.

Cut two on the double fold.

This time I decided to hem first. Much easier this way.

Sandwich the flounces in the front seams again like with the flounce hack. Sew per tutorial. Place the circle flounce sleeves right sides together against the armcye and pin.

Pin and Sew!

Pair with crocs for a true fashion statement.

PS - I'll be back soon for more hacks! See the whole hack blog tour by visiting this category and watching for new ones to get added!

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