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Core Tee + Dream Tee Dress Hack

The Core Tee Pattern has Viennese seams which have all sorts of benefits for not causing rubbing during athletic endeavors, but the bonus is that they give options for some really cool color blocking and scrap busting! I had a tiny bit of purple DBP leftover from a maxi dress I made and I saw Colleen's Dream Tee Dress in this fabric and wanted to copy her, but pretend to be original at the same time. So I put all those efforts together and mashed the Core Tee and the Dream Tee in dress length.

Here's my concept drawing where I worked out what I was about to do:

Rather than extend the color blocking down like I did with the hourglass dress, I wanted this dress to have the color blocking taper out, but also have the swing from the the Dream Tee dress pattern.

This photo isn't as self explanatory as a I wish, but basically I took the pattern piece for the side panels and folded it in half like a hamburger so that I could copy the shape from the top onto the bottom to extend the previously straight hem of the core tee pattern.

Cut. Here's the finished shape of my new side panels being cut out of my scrap of purple.

Another less-than-self-explanatory photo. Despite looking simple, this might be my most difficult hack to explain. I traced the core tee front/back panel and then also traced the Dream tee shape from the waist down. Then I folded my new side panel piece like a hot dog and laid it over the combination and traced around it - basically making a side panel cut out in the dress.

Here's the final shape of the piece. You can see where the side panel will ease in.

Pin - I pinned all at once, but this will actually have to be done in two steps. The side panel needs to be attached to the front and back pieces including the curve at the bottom, but then the side seam of the dress needs to be sewn below where the panel tapers out as well.

This is the intersection of the curved side panel seam and the straight side seam of the lower part of the dress.

Done! (Hem, neckline, sleeves, etc all per tutorial)

PS - I'll be back soon for more hacks! See the whole hack blog tour by visiting this category and watching for new ones to get added!

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