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Cadence Tights Double Pocket Hack

For this hack, I decided to customize my pockets by adding a smaller security pocket for my credit cards/ID. That way every time I pull my phone out to swipe, tap, etc. to pay, gain entry, check the time, I don't chance my ID or credit cards falling out.

The Cadence pattern pockets are so easy and convenient! No more trusting patch pockets with my phone. And the best part of how easy the pocket assembly is is how easy it makes hacking them!

I started by tracing the pocket pattern piece onto fresh paper. Then I laid a sample size item on the piece and gave it ample room. I drew a line, then another a half inch higher for hem allowance.

Cut mirror images of both pocket sizes. I want my smaller pocket on top so I used accent fabric for those and main fabric for the larger pocket. But you could easily swap that decision and conceal the secret security pocket inside the larger pocket.

Fold over and hem the top of both sets of pockets.

The tutorial says to baste at this point, but, I like shortcuts so I tape instead. Wash away wonder tape on the backside of the underneath pocket, then stick to the poke piece. Repeat with the outer pocket piece.

Now it's "basted" so treat it as a single piece from here out and continue per the tutorial. See, I told you it was easy!

Done! My phone is securely in my pocket but I still have another pocket for my smaller items that won't fall out when I pull my phone out!

Oh PS the fabric is neon pink yoga knit and Elektra triathlon (both ALD athletics!)

I'll be back tomorrow to show how I hacked the top to go with these! Follow along this category for all the Athleisure Pattern Hacks!

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