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Cadence Leggings: Ballet Tie Hack

Hello there! How great is this pattern collection!? Today I'm going to show you how to create this trendy boutique look with your Cadence leggings.


All you need is

Cadence pattern (printed or projected and graded for size) in 3/4 length

A cup or other Circle about 3.5" diameter (you can freehand if you prefer)

Something to measure with.

note: I used option B, you will need to account for Seam Allowance if you choose option A

Cut all Pieces according to pattern. In addition you will cut 4 ties 1.5" by 30" long. ( I tapered mine down to 1" on one end of all ties but this is personal preference)

Now to add the cut out. I think the easiest way to do this is to make a cut template. You will trace the bottom 8 ish inches of the leg pattern piece making sure to mark the center for easier placemat.

I then placed my cup centered on this line about 1.5" from the bottom of pattern. Trace the cup starting 1" from the line on the bottom all the way around to 1" from the line on the other side.

Draw a line connecting the circle to the the hem line.

Cut out the center of the circle the lay on top of your leggings matching up the template. Cut circle from fabric on both legs.

Now we will create a facing. Using the template you just made, measure up 2" and then measure all around the circle and across the other side.

You will cut this out and then cut 2 from fabric.

Time to get sewing!

Sew ties right side together down the long edge. Repeat for all 4 ties and then turn using a Bodkin or safety pin.

Lay ties in place on legging (wider end if you tapered your ties) and clip or pin.

lay facing RST sandwiching the tie. You may want to baste the ties now to avoid any slipping. Being careful that the long end of ties are out of the way, sew across the bottom, up across the ties, and around the circle ( be careful not to pull it out if shape) and down across the other tie and across the bottom.

Open up the facing. Fold the leg RST matching the facing seam clip or pin and sew the seam all the way up.

Flip the facing under and give it a good press. Give the ties a good tug to get all the corners turned. You can also use wonder tape to hold the facing in place if you would like. Now you will top stich all the way around the edge of the Facing. Go Slow!

Repeat the other side, and sew up the rest of the pattern per instructions and you are done!

lace them up however you want and show them off.

if you use this Hack I would love to see it! make sure to share yours in the ALD Facebook Group,

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