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Blade Tank: Low Side

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Hello again friends and thanks for reading!

Today I have a quick SUPER easy Hack to share with you on how to create the low side look on the Blade Tank.

What you will need:

Blade Tank pattern Printed or projected

Something to measure with

lets get started

Cut all pieces except arm binding per instructions.

Hold the Front Tank up to your body and decide where you want the side to come down to.

Mine was about 8" lower. Mark this point with your favorite marking tool. Line up the back pieces next to the front and transfer the side mark.

Freehand a Line from this point to the old armcye line.

cut away the extra.

Sew center back, side seams, yoke, neck binding and keyhole binding. measure from the outside of the back to the center of the Yoke take note of this measurement.

Take this measurement and multiply by .85 to get your binding measurement

cut 2. sew together at one short end

Attach exactly the same as directions on the original pattern

Hem and then you are done. This hack is such a Quick fun hack to add a little something different to your Blade tank.

Make sure to share any makes made from this blog in ALD Facebook page. I cant wait to see them!

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