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Blade Tank/Dream Tee Dress Mash

Remember that math problem we all had to do in Jr. High about like, there's 10 people at a party and everyone shakes hands with everyone else, how many handshakes were there?

That's how a feel when Amelia Lane Designs releases a new pattern (or four!): it means exponentially more mash opportunities!

I started from the basics and decided to mash the Blade Tank and Dream Tee in dress length.

I started by tracing my blade tank pattern piece (lengthened/graded already) onto tracing paper.

Then I laid the dream tee dress piece (also lengthened/graded) underneath. The front is pretty simple. Just basically longer a little more ease towards the hem.

The back can be a little more tricky because the Blade is cut mirrored and the dream is cut on fold. I went with mirrored and tried lining up the length, using the front piece length as a guide.

Here's my final pieces laid out and ready to cut

Then proceed exactly as the blade tutorial. Pin the center back and side seams, sew.

Attach the yoke and the binding pieces

Attaching the binding

Pin the binding over for topstitching and pin the hem. Topstitch/coversitch.


What patterns should I mash next?!

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