This bundle is packed full of awesomeness! Each bundle includes at least 6 yards, packed in a Medium Flat Rate Box. This is a true mystery box, it could be prints, solids, hacci, dbp - nothing is off limits! We'll add a list to your order, so you know what you got. Can't wait to see what yours is!

Medium Mystery Box

  • All fabric is priced by the yard, unless an alternate yardage increment is offered. We will do our best to always send cuts continuously, but this may not always be possible. If you are ordering four or more yards, please indicate in the order notes if you need them to be continous. 

  • Based on inventory, we may switch a solid fabric to a similar color in a different base. The asthetic of the bundle will not change (IE Black Liverpool exchanged for Black Ponte, Mauve Rayon Spandex exchanged for Mauve DBP), but the specifics of the bundle may be adjusted to meet current in stock availability. If this occurs, there will be a note in your packing slip to advise you of the subsitution.