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Wear to work capsule: Nanny fall edition

Do you ever stand at your dresser and closet and wonder "what am I going to wear today"? I have this reoccurring issue most days when I'm trying to get dressed for work. Generally I default to my "favorite" outfit combos which typically consist of a pair of leggings, a tee or a tank and a sweater or oversized long sleeve on top. I've also noticed recently that my style has shifted from "traffic cone" as my dad used to call it to more simple solid and muted colors so I was due for some new clothes! Instead of making single items, I sat down and planned out a mini capsule and I'm so excited to share it with you! As a full time nanny to a very active toddler and a infant that's about to be on the go, clothing that are easy to move in and layers are a must! (Who knew you could get a mini work out in playing airplanes around the house with a toddler ha!) I opted to do my capsule mostly out of fabrics found in the athletics section of the site. There are a few store bought items that I tossed in as well, that are staples in my wardrobe!

Here is a quick snap shot of the me made items I made for my mini-capsule: - Black leggings -One sports bra -One oversized long sleeve

- Navy leggings -One lounge bra -One long sleeve -One short sleeve Here is a quick overview of items I had in my closet previously that I included: - One pair of jeans -One crop sweater - One romper -One tank top

Below I've outlined my four favorite outfits from this capsule!


Outfit one details -Leggings: ALD Cadence tights in Black Flex view A, 7/8th length -Lounge bra: Petite Stichery Briar in Moira cross over front, cross back straps -Long sleeve: Petite Stichery Willa in Violet ABP, deep V back, simple sleeves This outfit is one of my "classic" looks! Easy, simple, yet mostly put together and most importantly comfy!


Outfit two details - Romper: Store bought

- Lounge bra: Petite Stichery Briar in Moira cross over front, cross back straps - Top: Love Notions Classic tee in Violet ABP, scoop neckline This romper is one of my FAVORITES, but living in the Midwest doesn't make it the most practical for winter wearing since its spaghetti straps. I paired it with the classic long sleeve that I knotted in the front. In the afternoon we call the house a "greenhouse" because the sun beating down on the snow can make it so hot in the common area we generally play, so this is great for those cold mornings and hot afternoons. Paired with either booties or a pair of heels if I wanted to wear this outfit for a dinner out right after work!


Outfit three details -Leggings: ALD Cadence tights in Navy Dri-tex, view B, 7/8th length -Sports bra: George and Ginger Switch it Up in Steel ABP, modified view A -Top: ALD Dream Tee in Steel ABP, tee with modified neckline

Another "classic" look for me. I love these leggings with the side pockets. They are great for carrying my phone around, but also for carrying those precious playground treasures home, and carrying snacks if we are heading out for a neighborhood walk. I would pair this with a previously made ALD hoodie for extra warmth. This whole look would also work really well with the black leggings as well!


Outfit four details -Top: Petite Stichery Willa in Violet ABP, deep V back, simple sleeves - Lounge bra: Petite Stichery Briar in Moira cross over front, cross back straps -Jeans: Store bought There aren't many days where I need to "dress up" for work, but I wanted to make sure I had the option with this capsule! I chose my favorite store bought jeans and paired it with the lounge bra that would peep through the back of the deep v back top. This look would also be great if I was heading out right after work and didn't have time to stop home.


Below I've included pictures of the combinations I could think of and would wear! For simplicity, I did not focus on the 2 bras I made as they can be interchanged with each top!

I hope I've inspired you to sew some new items for yourself! -Sarah

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