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Thrifty Thursday -Willow Cardigan

This is my first ever Thrifty Thursday and I am here to break some fat rules!! I love to break societal rules in regards to fat bodies so, when I saw Allen while hunting for my Thrifty Thursday fabric, I knew I had to create something that would be a rule breaker.

Allen is a lovely 200gsm, 2 way stretch, french terry. Adorned in leopard spots, accents of tan and medium browns run vertically along the fabric.

As far as my pattern goes, I wanted to make something that was of course, thrifty, size inclusive, and could act as a staple garment. I thought the Willow Cardigan was perfect! It's a pretty basic over sized cardigan pattern, with edgy bishop sleeves. It goes up to a 63in hip; I went with a size 28.

My measurements (inches):

Bust 55

Waist 51

Hip 60

While the instructions on the Mood website were limited, sewing the garment was a pretty easy process. The only issue I had with this pattern was with the lower sleeve piece. The pattern piece has a typo and calls for cutting 4, when it only needs 2 as the piece is folded in half to make a cuff for the sleeve. I also found this piece to be a little too snug on my forearm. Other than the lower sleeve issue, I loved this pattern! It's a nice basic bodice block to allow your imagination to flow! I added some light weight interfacing to my pockets so they were a little easier to sew and I moved them up a bit so my short arms could reach them.

I decided to pair my cardigan with a crop top and leggings! What better way to make a statement than wearing animal print and your belly out?

I hope you have been inspired to break some rules! Be sure to pick up Allen while it's 30% off today, and head over to Mood for some edgy size inclusive patterns!

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