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Thrifty Thursday: Two-tone olive DBP for Petite Stitchery Yoggers

The two-tone double brushed polys are so beautiful. The olive is one of my favorites so I knew I had to use it for a Thrifty Thursday. I used it to make the girls Yoggers by Petite Stitchery.

Petite Stitchery has patterns for women, kids, and babies with a wide range of sizes. They also provide many free patterns you can try.

These Yoggers are cozy, comfortable joggers that are perfect for lounging in style. They come in women and kid sizes.

I hacked the pattern to make patch pockets instead of the usual ones. To do this I used the pocket pattern piece and hemmed around the outside edges. Then I sewed the pockets to the front of the pants. I like the look of exposed pockets.

Be sure to head to the Amelia Lane website to pick up some of this two-tone olive on sale today!

This post contains affiliate links.

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