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Thrifty Thursday: Magnolia Liverpool Bomber Jacket

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

It's Thrifty Thursday here at Amelia Lane Designs which means 30% off (and codes stack!) the featured fabric. This week's feature is the Magnolia vintage floral liverpool fabric!

Each week the fabric is featured by making a pattern that is available for free. The whole make is super thrifty!


Liverpool is known for its structure and texture. It has one textured, printed side and the inside is smooth. It has stretch, more horizontal than vertical. Liverpool is great for pants, dresses and twirly skirts. It makes excellent peplums and pleats too because the structure gives it more body to show off those kinds of details.

Amelia Lane Designs created this handy info sheet to help understand all the fabric bases!


Magnolia liverpool sold out during it's first release weekend! It didn't even make it til Monday! Then the restock flew out the door as well. For this 3rd stocking of magnolia, the new dye lot is a tiny bit different. The blues are more pronounced and vibrant!

Thrifty Thursday is a perfect time to show off the new dye lot! I knew I wanted a bomber jacket and found a free pattern from Mood Fabrics! The pattern is a bit sparse in instructions, so be ready to improvise! It turned out great though!

As a note, the tutorial refers to a newer version of the pattern with better directions, but that version isn't reversible. I used Avery liverpool for the inside of the jacket. Or the outside. It can go either way! Reversible!

Can't wait to see your make! Be sure to share in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook group! Use #Magnolia so others can be inspired by your make in this fabric!

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