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Thrifty Thursday - Joplin Rayon Challis and George and Ginger Festival Freebie

This week we are featuring the Joplin Rayon Challis for our Thrifty Thursday fabric! It will be 30% off for today (5/23/19) only. I sewed it up using the Festival Freebie skirt from George + Ginger, which is free on their website.

Being only 5 feet tall, I had to remove quite a bit of length from this pattern - plus I wanted to be able to wear it on my high hips, so I took out some extra length for that. I made several adjustments and kept holding the pattern up to myself to make sure I wasn't going too short in the front and hitting at my desired length for the side/back. Kristi (the designer behind George + Ginger) included some guidelines about removing length and personal preference in the pattern, too! (If you're wondering - this is 11" removed total!)

I also did one small modification by adding an extra set of snaps on! I like the flexibility of being able to wear this at my natural waist and at my high hips, depending on my mood and what I want to pair it with.

The coral "top" is actually the With Love Dress I made using ALD's coral ITY! Wearing the Festival Freebie at my natural waist has it cover the elastic casing. The ITY and Rayon Challis are both so light that I am really comfortable rocking the layered look, and I love how these two fabrics pair together.

I'm excited to see what you all sew up with today's Thrifty Thursday fabric - make sure you share in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group!

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