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Thrifty Thursday: Blue Stripe and Petite Stitchery Sassy Skirt

It's time for another Thirfty Thursday sale! This week features the blue stripe double brushed poly and a lovely free pattern by Petite Stitchery.

Petite Stitchery has patterns for women and children. They have patterns to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. They have a lot of great free patterns on their site, so if you have never tried them before, you can grab some of the free ones and see what you think.

Today we're going to talk about the adorable Sassy Skirt available in baby and kid sizes. I'll also explain how I was able to make an adult Sassy Skirt by adjusting the measurements.

This skirt is cute because it has the trendy paper bag waist that is so popular right now. I spent some time looking through Pinterest and loved seeing all the paper bag pants, shorts, and skirts made with vertical striped fabric. The blue vertical stripe fabric was the perfect fabric to create my vision.

I needed a top to go with the skirt so I modified the Snuggle Top by Petite Stitchery to create this banded, sleeveless top. I used some white double brushed poly from the shop.

My teenage daughter saw the skirt and wanted one for herself. Petite Stitchery doesn't have an adult version of the pattern so I improvised. I used a measuring tape to measure from my daughter's waist down to her desired length. She opted for about three inches above the knee. I then added 2.5 inches for the waist and half an inch for the hem to get the length of my fabric pieces. Then I used her waist measurement and added 3 inches to get the width of the skirt pieces. I cut two pieces of fabric out, and then followed the instructions for the kids Sassy Skirt. I cut a piece of elastic 2-3 inches smaller than her waist measurement.

Now I have a Sassy Skirt for my youngest and my oldest, using this beautiful striped fabric! You can make yourself one too! The fabric is on sale today!


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