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Thrifty Thursday: Black Ponte Sleep Shorts

It's Thrifty Thursday here at Amelia Lane Designs which means 30% off (and codes stack!) the featured fabric. This week's feature is the solid black ponte fabric but all ponte fabric is marked down 30% off to make this week extra special.

Each week the fabric is featured by making a pattern that is available for free. The whole make is super thrifty!


Ponte fabric has more structure and less drape than some other knit fabrics. It holds it shape well for pants, pleated skirts, snug fitting dresses and comfortable tee shirts. Amelia Lane Designs currently has three colors of ponte in stock (black, white and teal) and all are on sale today.

Amelia Lane Designs created this handy info sheet to help understand all the fabric bases!


I sewed up the Halla Sleep Shorts in black ponte. I was looking for a quick and easy shorts pattern that would be comfy for long car rides. This summer I've been spending some time with family at our cabin a few hours away so it also means we've been spending a lot of time in the car. Between that and the hot Arizona summers, I was looking something cool and comfortable. These were fast and easy to sew up. The ponte fabric holds it's shape well and doesn't wrinkle so when I get out of the car they don't look rumpled.

Adjustments - I did add a couple inches to the length to the inseam since the pattern is designed for sleep shorts and I intended mine for everyday wear.

The pattern is available for free by entering a code at check out on the website.

Pattern link:

The code is pinned in the announcements of the Halla Patterns Facebook Group.

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