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Sew your Stash-School Edition!

Sew Your Stash for Back to School is perfect for me, I’m a school Librarian. And before you ask, yes, it’s a magical job. I’ve never tried out a capsule wardrobe until now. I’ll admit, it’s a very cool concept, but I don’t sew so I can have a minimal amount of mix and match clothing (insert laughing emoji here). But the chance to do one for ALD? I couldn’t say no to that. So readers, I’m not sure if I did this correctly, but I gave it my best effort!

I made five pieces that I can wear to work, to church, or just out to shop. I’m not super casual, I adore dressing up, so no jeans days for me. I decided to make a pencil skirt, a swing skirt, a dolman tee, a regular tee, and a raglan. I mixed and matched these items and came up with several combinations, what do you think?

Swing skirts are my absolute favorite style of skirt and I love the swing option on the Sybil by Love Notions. They are so flattering and I love the movement. I know I’m going to get a ton of wear out of it. I used a blue pointelle for this one. And by the way, pointelle? I’m such a sucker for it. It’s so hard for me to say no to pointelle, it might actually be the perfect fabric. It’s lightweight and breathable, which are two musts for living in Florida. I am able to pair this skirt with literally everything I made, including the dress. Have you ever worn a dress as a top or a skirt? It can add so much to your wardrobe! If it’s a sleeveless dress, now you have a top, a skirt, and a jumper. #value

And while we’re on the topic of the Sybil, it also includes a pencil skirt as well! I used Athletic BP to make this one and it’s the epitome of comfort.

Next up is the dolman dress. This is actually the Dream Tee from ALD lengthened into a dress. It is SO comfy. This is a style every girl needs, it’s perfect to throw in and look put together with minimal effort. And this floral rib is SO soft. I literally don’t have words for how comfy this is.

I made a white pointelle t-shirt using one of my all time favorite (and most used) patterns, the FREE** Magnolia tee (if you want a looser version of this, try the Tennessee Tee*!) from Sonia Estep Designs*. I have so many of these tees it’s slightly embarrassing. It’s just my go-to. Sometimes I think I need to expand my t-shirt horizons, but I really don’t. I just use this one.

I love a good baseball tee and this is my go-to, the Going Home* from Ellie and Mac*. In fact, I love a good baseball tee dress too, but this one is just a tee. I used this adorable dainty heart DBP for it. We all know dainty hearts are like the fabric underdog of 2021, right? Haha! I felt like it earned a place in this lineup for that reason. It’s perfect to knot, tuck in, half tuck, or to wear loose. I wish I had ordered more so that I could have made a dress, but alas, sewing up your stash doesn’t always allow us our dream projects, so we make do with what we have.

And last but not least, the ALD Dream tee with this gorgeous white and blue floral. This is a go-to Dolman pattern for sure! The fact that it can so easily be lengthened into a dress is what really sells it for me. It also has sleeve extensions for longer sleeves and pockets. What more could you want?? And if you’ve never sewn up a Dolman before, it’s the absolutely perfect project for a beginner. Not to mention it sews up super fast. If you don’t have this pattern, what are you waiting for? Consider this your personal invitation!

There are even more ways to switch up these looks by changing up how you tuck or knot your tops and dresses too!

Have you ever sewn up a wardrobe capsule? I’d love to hear about it! If you want to see more of my makes, you can follow me on IG @meeisele and don’t forget to follow @amelialanedesigns as well! Say hi so I can see your makes as well!!

*Aff link

**Pattern is free with code if you join the SED FB group.

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