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Sew Your Stash Challenge: A Cool School Capsule!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Sometimes I buy fabric with a specific project in mind. Sometimes I buy things just because I like them and have no clue what they'll get used for! I've been collecting fabrics I knew my daughter would love for a while now and procrastinating sewing them up for an embarrassing amount of time. Between the ALD Sew Your Stash Challenge and getting ready to send her off to her first ever year of in-person school, I knew it was finally time to turn those fabrics into something special.

Because I sew primarily for myself most of the time, I have the fabrics I'm saving for my kids stored in a separate shelf. I went through it to see which of them I wanted to use for this capsule.

First, I grabbed Eleanor French Terry which I had always wanted to use for a cardigan. Then Cantaloupe Rib Knit that I thought would make some great leggings. Finally, Angie floral Rib Knit and Paige heart DBP for some tanks.

I have a bunch more fabrics for the kids, but none of them really matched so in order to make the full number of pieces I planned, I needed to search through my personal fabrics as well. For a second pair of leggings, I used Hunter Honeycomb. For a sweater dress, Lavender Sweater Knit. I found an old iron-on unicorn transfer while cleaning recently and really wanted to include it, so looked and found it matched my Aqua Pointelle really nicely!

Last, I had a pair of shorts planned and went searching through my scraps/remnants bin for a final matching fabric. I settled on a couple pieces of 190gsm Persimmon ABP. After taking this meticulously stacked photo and getting started on cutting, my kiddo surprised me by requesting I make the ruffle version for these shorts and I didn't have enough of the scraps! So back to searching and I grabbed my 2-tone Mustard DBP for some bright yellow accents.



  • The Shelby Shorts with ruffle hem option (part of the combined pattern bundle with Shelby cami tank!)

  • The Chenille tank curved hem option

For some of these, my daughter was in between sizes and I absolutely went up a size to make sure she'd get the most wear out of them. All the hard work was totally worth it when she squealed in delight trying on each piece and excitedly mixing and matching to make new outfits. Absolutely every fabric was praised for being SO SOFT! And now it looks like it's time to start setting aside some more new fabrics so I can do this again and again.

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