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Sew Along with ALD: Sinclair Harper!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Welcome to Amelia Lane Designs' September sew along! Today we're going to get started on the Harper cardigan from Sinclair Patterns. It's a banded classic cardigan full of options from crop to duster length, with optional pockets and multiple sleeve lengths. The pattern is full of detailed instructions and already includes height options for petite, regular, and tall, making your best fit that much easier to accomplish.

Be sure to come join us in the ALD facebook group to follow along with each day's steps and ask questions all week. Let's jump right in!

Day 1- we're going to refer to size chart to select the appropriate size (I cannot stress enough to always choose your size based on current measurements). Print & assemble the sizes and features you have chosen. Blend between sizes and make any other necessary modifications as needed. And go ahead and cut out your assembled pattern.

For those with a projector- select the right size file, verify the size(s) you'll need to bring up, and then you're set.

Hello and welcome back for day 2! Today, we are cutting our fabric. If you're on the higher end of the size chart, be sure to pay special attention to the cutting diagrams on page 18. I'm in their largest size and found I had to cut extremely carefully to make everything fit. I ordered extra for my next one just to be on the safe side.

Okay, lets get those pieces cut! Don't to label your pieces with your preferred method of doing so. I have a habit of mixing up lookalike pieces. Don't be like Jamie. haha. Don't forget pocket pieces if you're opting for those. There's a handy list also on page 18 with all of the pieces you need for each option.

If you're following along this week, do pop into the facebook group and comment on each day's post so we can see your progress. And to be entered into the prize drawings!

Day 3 of our Sinclair Harper sewalong! We’re moving right along to construction.

If you have elected to add pockets, now is the time to prep those by adding the top band, pressing the seam allowance under and then lining them up with the placement markings from the pattern and topstitching them on. More detailed instructions are on pages 19 & 20 of the tutorial.

Now for everyone, we move on to shoulder seams. You’re going to want to reinforce these so they don’t sag with wear. I chose to use ALD clear elastic but there are other options given in the instructions. With the right sides together, line up each shoulder seam and elastic, with the elastic on outside (wrong side) and serge or use a stretch stitch with sewing machine with a 1/4” seam allowance. Repeat with other shoulder. You may choose to topstitch the shoulder seams from the outside so the seam lays flat. I skipped this step.

Time for sleeves- matching the front edge of sleeve to the front bodice and back edge to bodice with right sides together, line up the center sleeve marking to shoulder seam. Now pin or clip all the way around. Serge or using a stretch stitch with a 1/4” seam allowance the armhole. Repeat with other sleeve.

We’ll stop here for today and move onto side seams tomorrow.

Keep sharing your progress in the facebook group so we can see how you’re coming along and to get entered for the prizes!

Day 4- let’s take a look at today’s steps.

We’re starting with side seams. With right sides together, line up front and back pieces along the side seam all the way up the arm matching notches and pin or clip. Serge or machine sew with a stretch stitch. Press your finished seams.

If you’re making a duster with split side hems, refer to page 25 for details on finishing the split side and bottom hems.

For all versions with a banded bottom, keep following along. Lay your bodice right side up with the lower edge spread to lay flat. Fold the bottom band in half lengthwise with right sides out. I like to press now to make the next couple of steps easier. With right sides together, line the band up along the bottom edge of the bodice, matching raw edges and notches on band with side seams. Pin or clip in place. Serge or stitch together. Flip the band down and press seam up. You may choose to topstitch to keep the seam in place.

That’s all for today! We’re more than halfway through now and it should really be looking like it’s coming together. Don’t forget to post your progress in the facebook group! I’m enjoying seeing how everyone is coming along so far! Thanks for following along with me.

Day 5- we’re in the home stretch with only sleeve and front bands left!

We’ll start with the front bands. You should have two pieces. Line up short ends of one end right sides together and serge or machine stitch to form one long band. The seam you just made will be the center back. The notches you have already marked will line up with the shoulder seams. Before we attach, we’ll finish the outer ends of the band. With right sides together, serge or machine stitch. Turn right side out, making sure to push the corners all the way out. Press. I like to press the whole band now to make it easier to attach in the next step. Lay your bodice our right side up and start matching the front band all the way around, taking care to line up notches. You should not need to stretch to fit. Pin or clip in place. Now serge or machine stitch to finish. You may choose to topstitch so the band lays flat.

Bands or cuffs for sleeves- make sure you have the right pieces for your chosen sleeve length. Line up short ends of band with right sides together and serge or stitch creating a circle. Fold the bands in half with wrong sides together lining up raw edges. Slide cuff over sleeve, matching band seam to seam on sleeve and center fold of band with notch on sleeve. Serge or machine stitch. Fold band back down. Press.

That’s it! You should be done! Tomorrow will be a catch up day for anyone who needs it. I’m excited to see everyone’s progress! Remember to keep sharing to be entered in the prize drawings.

Use day 6 as extra time to catch up if you need it and we'll be back tomorrow to shared our finished Harper cardigans!

We're all done. I hope you'll head on over to the Amelia Lane Designs facebook group to share your final makes! Thank you so much for joining me this week!


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